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Synonyms for somberness

a state of partial or total darkness

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a feeling of melancholy apprehension

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The writing falls somewhere between the campiness of Capcom's "Dead Rising'' and the somberness of Telltale's "The Walking Dead'' games, with welcome flashes of black comedy to relieve the anxiety.
The children wept parents screamed and the whole country wept a river of tears during the past few weeks the somberness persists even now and so does the gloomy atmosphere.
This still stands as one of my favorite sketches I think because I was personally moved by the somberness of this my first ramp event and the sincerity of everyone's loss.
This somberness means not a single smile, much less a chuckle, from readers; devotees of the art form might hesitate to rate Death of the Black-Haired Girl alongside high-water marks by Kingsley Amis, Mary McCarthy, David Lodge, Jane Smiley, Bernard Malamud, and Joyce Carol Oates, among others.
Yet the colors remain cool and limited, tending to somberness.
A pretense at somberness that the nation goes through in this period of electing a government is nothing short of an absolute mockery that needs to be applauded for its absurdity.
Unfortunately, that's increasing the tendency for a somberness that's equated with spirituality and true worship.
Neo-Neo-Neo marked a departure from the prevailing somberness of Polish painting and an audacious beginning to Zieliriski's career--one cut short in 1980 by his mysterious death: His body was found on a cold winter morning in the yard by his studio in Warsaw's notoriously rough Praga district.
That whole winter collection had a somberness that came through in a muted color palette.
In the first, an adequate English translation of the poems should be a tribute to the nobility of Macpherson's understanding of Celtic mythology and should remain true to the somberness of its subject matter, both because the narrative called for it and as a reflection of the current state affairs in Scotland.
Working in a style that recalls the lucid observation and technical precision of Romanian cinema, but adding a strain of Central Asian lyricism, maverick helmer Zhanna Issabayeva depicts her protags' economic and emotional deprivations with a somberness that builds to a shocking, stupendous finale.
From those of us who have watched events of the past few months unfold with a sense of extreme somberness and disbelief, a question: Mr.
Hawthorne's humor has long been noted and often connected with his somberness.
MEARNS: Yeah, it's fun to get out of the somberness of the White Swan and be .
A review of the content in the Kohelet corpus clearly impresses one with its somberness and maturity.