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in a somber manner


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Ashrawi said, "Today we somberly mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of the massacre of innocent Palestinian civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in west Beirut that took place between September 15-18, 1982 with the collusion and support of the Israeli army under Ariel Sharon who left a legacy of bloodshed and destruction.
On the part of the Catholic Church, I ask your forgiveness, I ask it for the non-Christian and even inhuman attitudes and behavior that we have showed you," Francis said somberly from the altar.
The boy's parents watched somberly from the second row of the courtroom.
Summary: Carrying flowers, portraits and signs that said "I am not afraid," tens of thousands of people somberly marched Sunday in Moscow to mourn opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, whose slaying on the streets of the capital has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition.
Ex-jailbird Jamie Blandford, 58, now the 12th Duke after his father's death at the age of 88, stood somberly in front of hundreds of mourners outside St Mary Magdalene's church on the 11,500-acre Blenheim estate in Oxfordshire.
NNA - Black-clad Malaysians paused for a minute of silence Friday on a nationwide day of mourning held to somberly welcome home the first remains of its 43 citizens killed in the MH17 disaster.
The final chapter reflects somberly on continuing struggles with equality, both in France where the author lived for significant time and in the United States where she started.
Mansour's letter, which came as the Palestinian people somberly marked the 47th year of the Israeli occupation, followed 496 previous letters he sent to UN officials complaining about the "war crimes, acts of State terrorism, and systematic human rights violations" being committed against the Palestinian people by Israel which "must be held accountable and the perpetrators must be brought to justice.
Pistorius, dressed in a black suit and tie, stood somberly in the dock as Masipa read out the order before postponing the case to June 30.
My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani," he says somberly.
I don't think he left one day unlived," Lynch somberly said, according to (http://www.
Bulgaria is marking somberly Thursday the 9th anniversary of the tragic death of twelve children in the Lim river in Serbia.
In Damanhour, protesters marched somberly, carrying posters of Fathi, as they prayed for him en masse.
At one point, Iranian Ambassador Ali-Asghar Soltanieh somberly told reporters that Iran could not agree to accept the text unless it included a provision mandating 2025 as the date by which all nuclear powers must agree to eliminate all nuclear weapons.
Celebrity activists often appear on your television screen spewing need-to-know statistic's so somberly that you end up changing the channel before the.