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  • adj

Synonyms for somber

full of or marked by dignity and seriousness

Synonyms for somber

lacking brightness or color

grave or even gloomy in character

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In stark contrast, somber but hopeful scientists with the European Space Agency haven't yet heard from their Beagle 2 lander, which dropped to the Martian surface on Dec.
Backlit by morning sunshine, an American flag waves in the breeze above a porch in Coburg as patriotism sprouts like spring bulbs, offering a somber but poignant reminder of coalition troops fighting in the war in Iraq.
The mood at the site was somber and the work was difficult, the contractors noted at the time.
Initially intense and somber, the book assumes a lighter tone with poems like "Libraries," which reveals young Langston's penchant for getting lost in books and beautiful words to ease his sense of alienation.
The 91st Anniversary of the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York was celebrated at a rather somber and respectful Dinner Dance this year.
The mood is usually somber, though "My Father and Ring Bologna" recalls a tender moment between father and child, but it is followed immediately by "Kids":
Levity to the otherwise somber event came from protesters: college students in front of the New Orleans convention center with signs proclaiming "The IDB Eats Babies," three activists carrying a "Shut Down the Bank" banner and chanting "Forty Years is Enough
The somber truth of efforts to isolate and evict more than 3,500 Japanese Americans during World War II and Portland's present commitment to remembering this transgression and honoring the victims.
Seed captures the chilly somber tone of a tired veteran flier who has seen too much of war and killing.
Craig Armstrong creates a somber, strings-laden score for the ``World Trade Center'' (Sony; $18.
The somber but bright illustrations somehow capture the atmosphere of mystical joy, sadness, and overall acceptance of the duality of life that is so prevalent in the poems.
There are moments of ecstatic joy, but they are grounded by equally beautiful yet somber sections.
This is Jaar at his best: politically radical yet contemplative, somber, and personal.
The colors in the painting are somber tones of ochre, brown, black, gray, and white, further darkened by the fact that the artist also set fire to certain areas of the canvas.
Woodson's taut, somber novel examines complex themes that young people deal with every day: identity, racism, class and moral obligation.