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Although research has been done investigating FMS scores and somatotyping regarding risk of injury or performance, no correlation between these two measures has been investigated.
An abstract of "Association between Obesity and Psychiatric Disorders in the US Adult Population Atlas of Men": A Guide for Somatotyping the Adult Male at All Ages.
Carter published a manual based on Sheldon's findings, further defining somatotyping as "the quantification of the present shape and composition of the human body.
They show how to apply biomechanics to such factors as absolute body size, somatotyping in sport, body composition, proportionality, posture, strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance and agility.
Atlas of Men: A Guide for Somatotyping the Adult Male at All Ages.
The second part of the Health Care collection presents interviews with seven other scientists, ranging from Niels Reimers, of Stanford University's Office of Technology licensing and the Cohen/Boyer Cloning Patents, to anthropologist Barbara Honeyman Heath Roll on "A Woman's Life in Physical Anthropology: Somatotyping and New Guinea Kinship Studies.