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Glucose Tolerance is Improved Following Surgery for Silent Somatotroph Adenoma.
Pure somatotroph adenomas patients were significantly likely to present with abnormal glucose metabolism, independent of GH/IGF-1 levels or tumor invasiveness [21].
Granulation pattern, but not GSP or GHR mutation, is associated with clinical characteristics in somatostatin-naive patients with somatotroph adenomas.
However, it should be noted that the existence of a pituitary adenoma, although strongly implies, does not confirm the diagnosis of a previous functioning somatotroph adenoma in this patient, as it was not biochemically confirmed.
Even variants derived from a single cell type can be distinguished; for example, the subtypes of somatotroph adenomas are conveniently recognized with the application of keratin stains because sparsely granulated somatotroph adenomas are characterized by scant GH immunoreactivity and conspicuous fibrous bodies that are stained by the CAM 5.