physical anthropology

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the branch of anthropology dealing with the genesis and variation of human beings

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This case, however, is strictly based on medical science, somatology and statistics," said Lee.
Many of DeLillo's characters imagine these waves as harbingers of racialized physics and foreign bodies, expressed in a somatology of the mass.
In early June 1897, Franz Boas, assistant curator of ethnology and somatology at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City, arrived at Spences Bridge, a small village on the Thompson River in south central British Columbia.
In Advances in methods of teaching (1898), Boas (1982: 621-625) notices the composite character of anthropology, as a convergence of three scientific branches which is possible only by the close cooperation of anthropology with several sciences: 1) somatology (physical anthropology): anthropology and anatomybiology; 2) linguistics: anthropology (it deals with the general question of the human language) and philology (it deals with the special study of language structure); and 3) ethnology: anthropology, psychology, sociology.
The subject of the contract being awarded the supply and installation of equipment specialized classrooms and laboratories used for vocational training of medical students in secondary schools established by the sponsor for the fields of nursing, first aid, somatology and anatomy, chemistry, physics and biology, including the equipment commissioning and operator training ( equipment, which is required for the installation, commissioning and operator training, in the annexes to this tender documents properly marked), to the extent and in accordance with the requirements of the contracting authority specified in the annexes to the contract documents for each part of the public contract.