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Synonyms for somatogenic

of or arising from physiological causes rather than being psychogenic in origin

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Purified Bubaline placental lactogen was tested for somatogenic activity in mice.
SOMATOGENIC GAGGING: The term somatogenic describes gagging that is primarily induced by physical stimuli.
Ovine GH1 and CSH1 have similar somatogenic activities, but different patterns of expression during pregnancy.
Thus, for patients with neurogenic and somatogenic pain symptoms with high-intensity pain a preference was noted for black and grey colors, for those with mid-intensity pain--brown and red, and where there was no pain--yellow and green colors.
The traditional medical dichotomy that identifies symptoms as either somatogenic or psychogenic does not adequately account for the intricate interplay of injury and psychological and neurological response in different individuals (Gatchel, 2005; Turk & Monarch, 2002).
Bar-On and Ohry argue that individuals with SCI experience these "non-SCI" pains with a lower frequency than their peers because they may not be able to feel somatogenic pain below the level of injury [1].
High capacity binding of ST to the somatogenic receptor has been correlated with growth rate in ruminants [8].
Conscious and unconscious psychomuscularly-based body movements and intervening or resulting still positions, either learned or somatogenic, of visual, visual-acoustic and tactile or kinesthetic perception, which, whether isolated or combined with the linguistic and paralinguistic structures and with other somatic and objectual behavioral systems, possess intended or unintended communicative value.