somatic sensation

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To clarify this apparent contradiction, it is useful to distinguish between somatic sensations and somatic hallucinations.
Wetherell often employs motivational interviewing techniques because anxious older adults "are often reluctant to take medication because of sensitivity to somatic sensations and worry about possible negative effects," she said.
Anxious older adults are reluctant to take medication because of somatic sensations, and concern about negative effects, she said.
Respondent conditioning is believed to have occurred with the pairing of a stimulus that evokes a fear response with stimulus by-products arising from strong bodily somatic sensations.
More recent investigations have focused on the possibility that patients with voice disorders--particularly functional dysphonia--develop a conditioned hypersensitivity to pharyngeal and laryngeal sensations, suggesting that hypersensitivity to somatic sensations may play a critical role in anxiety disorders.