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Thus, the depression severity, level of general psychopathology and distress, tendency to somatosensory amplification, and tendency to interpret somatic sensations by somatic, psychological, or normal causes were significantly higher in alexithymic patients than in non-alexithymic patients.
Harvey's chapter recounts the ways in which the body, both her own and that of the David Ross McCord, the subject of her archival analysis, asserted itself into the research project through somatic sensations. One of the stand-outs of the collection, Harvey's piece poses critical methodological questions about how to do an embodied history that does not, ultimately, (pretend to) leave the body outside the archive's door.
Wetherell often employs motivational interviewing techniques because anxious older adults "are often reluctant to take medication because of sensitivity to somatic sensations and worry about possible negative effects," she said.
Anxious older adults are reluctant to take medication because of somatic sensations, and concern about negative effects, she said.
They listened to all their somatic sensations and were afraid that drug addiction may lead to an incurable disease.
Maximization of pleasure based on somatic sensations and impulses.
When the patient actively attends to and carefully describes his or her somatic sensations, the immediate outcome typically is anxiolytic.