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Synonyms for somatic

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for somatic

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

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As for patients with an ongoing substance abuse problem who also have obvious severe somatic pain, on balance the risk of harm in prescribing chronic opiates exceeds the potential benefit.
Consequently, somatic pain, especially pain of axial (spinal) origin, can sensitize the dorsal horn to evoke neurogenic inflammatory responses in visceral pathways, and vice-versa.
Anxiety may not kill you or make you commit suicide, but it might lead to increased utilization of health care services for things like somatic pain," said Dr.
Pelvic somatic pain is thought to be conveyed through nerve complexes and parasympathetic ganglia in the uterosacral ligaments.
It is unethical to exclude all organic pathologies and to conjure up a diagnosis of psychogenic pain, psychosomatic pain, somatic pain, etc.
The convergence of visceral and somatic pain with the same neurons from the trigeminal sensory tract (SC5 and PA5) is the key element explaining the neural basis for referred pain's clinical phenomenon, originating in the visceral organs.
Somatic pain is detected through the skin and is considered superficial.
I'm talking about development of a multimodal analgesic regimen involving placement of a long-acting local anesthetic into the Pfannenstiel's incision to block somatic pain, along with an antiprostaglandin drug to block the visceral pain of uterine contractions without causing increased uterine bleeding.
During the tours some of the women seemed curious and attentive, while others withdrew and complained of somatic pain.