somatic chromosome

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any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome


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sativa (2n=10 and 2n= 12): The somatic chromosome number was 2n=2x=10 for acc.
The most common somatic chromosome counts for the Juncaceae are 2n=12 and 2n=40.
Somatic chromosome counts determined for these 11 accessions indicated two triploid (A12256 and A12260), three pentaploids (A12348, A12352, and A12365), and six hexaploids (A12317, A12318, A12319, A12320, A12356, and A12358) (Table 1 and Fig.
In this case the somatic chromosome number may be restored to the eggs by premeiotic endomitosis or abortive meiosis (Cuellar, 1987).
The somatic chromosome number of 28 established here for 16 species of Acropora, three species of Montipora, and one species of Fungia is the same as that reported by Heyward (1985) for three other species of scleractinian coral (Goniopora lobata, Lobophyllia hemprichii, and Montipora dilitata).
The 2 species of Pisidium also have somatic chromosome numbers higher than 100-120 (Table 1), which is within the polyploid range previously described for the genus (between ~100-200 chromosomes) (Burch et al.
Cytological data from 456 nuclei showed a somatic chromosome number of 2n= 26 with a low frequency of tetraploid cells (4.38%).
Interspecific crosses between perennial teosinte and maize resulted in hybrids with a somatic chromosome number of 2n = 30 (Molina and Naranjo, 1987; Poggio and Naranjo, 1990; Poggio et al., 1999).
Further observations on the somatic chromosome cytology of some mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae).
While there is never much doubt that haploids from anther culture must originate from some products of meiosis, the origin of diploids (that is, plants with the same chromosome numbers as the somatic chromosome number of the donor) is never certain without additional tests.
Characterization of somatic chromosome morphology in alfalfa, Medicago sativa L.: Comparison of donor plant with regenerated protoclones.
Six clones from 2x 204882-1 vegetative stem cuttings exhibited a somatic chromosome number of 2n = 24 as a result of the colchicine treatments.
HAPLOID PLANTS have half the somatic chromosome number and are powerful cytogenetic and breeding tools.