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2009) reported that while the cows with higher electrical conductivity at the beginning of milking had less somatic cell counts, cows with higher electrical conductivity after the peak of milk yield had more somatic cell counts in milk.
Parentage analysis was performed on the piglets obtained from somatic cell cloning and the surrogate recipient females to confirm the identity of the donor cells used for nuclear transfer.
A SCC was performed using an electronic somatic cell counter (Foss, Hillerod Denmark).
Effect of exogenous Npm or PGA on the developmental competence of somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos in BMI pig.
Their activation of innate immune signaling caused epigenetic changes that were absolutely necessary for the transformation of somatic cells into iPSCs," said Cooke.
Sub-clinical 24 (80%) 06 (20%) -- 30 Clinical 23 (85%) 03 (11%) 01 (4%) 27 Total 47 (82%) 09 (16%) 01 (2%) 57 Table 2: Post treatment changes in somatic cell count Randomly Somatic cell count values Somatic cell count values selected cows (Pre treatment) (Post treatment) 1 2.
Wakayama et al developed a mouse somatic cell NT method by injecting donor nuclei into enucleated oocytes using a piezo unit (6).
Estimation of correlation between somatic cell count and coagulation score of bovine milk.
CONCERN Testing shows an unprecedented increase in somatic cell counts (SCC) in the past six weeks
dairy exporters have reacted with anger to an EU decision to change the rules relating to the somatic cell count in U.
Al Ain Dairy, the first established dairy in the country, has adopted two new voluntary testing procedures - Food Lab System and Somatic Cell Counter - to ensure that all its products meet international quality standards in accordance with the company's recent ISO certification, said its CEO Abdullah Saif Al Darmaki.
Cloning or somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) into enucleated oocytes to produce blastocysts, ESC and offspring has not been very successful, even in mice or monkeys (17).
High abortion and fetal mortality rates have been observed on transfer of somatic cell through somatic cell culture technique.
3) As a matter of fact, we do not know at this point which of the possible sources of disease-specific pluri-potent human stem cells--genetically screened IVF embryos, iPS cells, somatic cell nuclear transfer into enucleated oocytes, (4) or somatic cell chromosome transfer into zygotes and blastomeres that have had their own chromosomes removed (5)--will prove to be the best for clinical applications, all other things considered.