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* Most somatic cells lack sufficient telomerase, and so every time somatic cells replicate, they progressively shorten their telomeres.
These are usually surrounded by pericentriolar material (PCM) which nucleates MT in somatic cells. Such ensembles are called a centrosomes (centriole+PCM) and becomes functional in the oocyte only after fertilization, when the sperm centrosome forms a sperm aster around duplicated centrioles--now called the zygote centrosome (7).
Evidence for placental abnormality as the major cause of mortality in first-trimester somatic cell cloned bovine fetuses.
Clepper, et al., "Producing Primate Embryonic Stem Cells by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer," Nature 450 (2007): 497-502.
Research on a 270-cow commercial dairy herd showed that supplementing cows with an organic selenium supplement led to significantly lower milk somatic cell counts over the first eight weeks of lactation.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer involves removing the nucleus of an egg cell.
Each cell line of a panel of monochromosomal mouse-human somatic cell hybrids was individually transduced with an HIV vector encoding both cycT1 and blasticidin resistance (HIVCIB).
Donor cells must be somatic cells (14)--hence, giving rise to the popular name for nuclear transplantation cloning, somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT).
The state of California on September 22 approved legislation that would make it legal to derive embryonic stem cells from human embryos and to conduct research using stem cells from "any source," thereby opening the door for institutions to conduct somatic cell nuclear transfer (also referred to as research cloning).
The 20-article bill bans the transplanting of a human somatic cell into a human egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed, and then putting the cloned embryo into the uterus of a human or an animal.
Reason: Why haven't researchers been more successful in using somatic cell gene therapy - replacing defective genes in a patient's tissues with normal versions - to cure genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis?
One modern definition of "clone," as found in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, is "an individual grown from a single somatic cell of its parent and genetically identical to it." All body cells except those that give rise to sex cells are somatic.
Germline Gene Therapy (or Gene Transfer - The introduction of foreign genes into the reproductive cells of animals or humans to produce hereditary genetic changes (as contrasted with somatic cell gene transfers which are not passed on from one generation to the next).
Fluctuations in milk qualities such as somatic cell count and fat content occur because goats are season Goat milk bulk tank somatic cell counts show a distinct seasonal variation, with the lowest in April and the highest in September and October, reflecting the higher number of fresh-to-midlactation goats in April and more late-lactation does in the fall.