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Synonyms for somatic

of or relating to the human body

Synonyms for somatic

affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit

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Endometriosis that extends into somatic nerves and the sacral roots is a common cause of pelvic pain, Dr.
2014) showed that the somatic cells count in raw milk has a significant effect on the electrical conductivity.
Conclusion: Pashto version of the BSI is a valid and reliable instrument to measure somatic symptoms and can be used in clinical settings as well as in community.
Eddy provides descriptions of "first generation" models in somatic education (for example, Alexander Technique, The Feldenkrais Method", Eutony, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Laban Movement Analysis), as well as more recent "second generation" developments in somatic teaching and therapy, such as Body/Mind Centering.
This is problematic because somatic (of the body; bodily; physical) complaints in those with mental health conditions are common.
Conclusion: Life stress was found to be an important indicator of somatic complaints in adolescents, with greater risk for girls as compared to boys.
In New Aalborg University will psychiatric and somatic be placed side by side, and it provides unique opportunities to strengthen and further develop cooperation across specialties, as well as somatic mentally ill patients will benefit greatly.
Previous studies have shown that children's self-reported somatic complaints are related to difficulties in emotion awareness (van der Veek, Nobel, & Derkx, 2012b; Villanueva, Prado-Gasco, Gonzalez, & Montoya, 2014).
The production of callus and its subsequent regeneration through somatic embryogenesis can facilitate the production of transgenics [6].
While somatic cells are always present in milk, their levels increase significantly during mammary gland infections.
ARTIFICIAL SEED is an encapsulation of somatic embryo, shoot buds or aggregates of a cell or any tissues which have the ability to form a plant in in-vitro or ex vivo condition.
Instead, the somatic cell count (SCC) is considered to be the most suitable indicator trait for mastitis resistance in view of its medium to high genetic correlation with mastitis (0.
Although aerobic exercise is widely used to decrease perceived stress, it has also been shown to have no or little effect on perceived stress, [12] and it is for this reason that the objective of the present study is to investigate the efficacy of somatic awareness exercise techniques (a different physiological mode) on decreasing perceived stress.
In the niche are three kinds of cells: germ line stem cells, which divide to produce sperm; somatic cyst stem cells, which make a kind of cell that helps the sperm-producing cells out; and hub cells, which make signals that keep the other two kinds of cells going.
However, in a bid to figure out what happens when the somatic cyst stem cells are killed off, Matunis suggested that graduate student Phylis Hetie figure out how to best do away with them, thinking the task would be straightforward.