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a nerve agent easily absorbed into the body


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We have brought this event here from India and it will lead to better understanding of many things between the two countries," Millind Soman founder of the Pinkathon told ANI.
Soman says he is amazed with the evolution of the Indian modelling industry.
Mr Soman, 30, will be responsible for leading the continuous design and product development improvement activities across the business.
The world has made some progress in relieving poverty and improving health in the world's poorest countries, but it will take new methods and tools to achieve more in the years to come, in the view of University of Toronto scholars Dilip Soman, Janice Gross Stein, and Joseph Wong.
Soman said Bahrain is the first and only country in the Gulf region which has officially registered a Migrant Workers Protection Society.
Visitors got a chance to catch the dashing Milind Soman in action at The Mud Rush followed by the sundowner's party with renowned DJs like Clement, Anish Sood, Ajit Pai and SEQU3Lthat had the crowd grooving to exceptional EDM music.
Mr Soman has been working alongside Charles Pope, his predecessor, since July 2010, and has been instrumental in growing the financial lines portfolio, which includes a comprehensive range of primary and excess products, the company said.
Other parents like Soman clapped and cheered for their wards as little kids smiled and enjoyed their moment of stardom.
As per results, in race competition Soman of GGMS Shaheen Muslim Town Gulbahar clinched 1st, Laila of GGMS Gul Bachi Jee achieved 2nd while Naheed of GGMS Jehangir pura and Jaweria of GGMS Palosai got 3rd positions in the competition.
Addressing what companies want customers to do, rather than what marketers can do, Soman and N-Marandi (U.
Researcher Dilip Soman said: "It works because people aren't trying to explicitly control their emotions.
Patni Computer Systems (BSE: PATNI COMPUT) (NSE:PATNI) (NYSE:PTI) announced on Tuesday the appointment of Manish Soman as executive vice president and chief of operations to its executive leadership team.
Soman MD, MPH, is president and chief medical executive of Group Health Permanente in the state of Washington.
Exposure to organophosphorus compounds, including the nerve agents satin and soman, can cause seizures, breathing difficulty, and death.
My documentary, Milind Soman Made Me Gay, about gay South Asian men, will be out soon.