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Other highly effective somaesthetic methods, such as Pierce's (2007) Deepening musical performance through movement and Weikart, Boardman, and Bryant's (2004) 75 ensemble warm-ups: Activities for bands, choirs, and orchestras, develop greater body awareness of physical/expressive movements away from the instrument.
Rationality/reason and affectivity/emotion were combined (for some), as somaesthetic 'meaning-making' and valuing were observationally and empirically 'combined' in this experiment, and others.
When I actually attempt to thematize these matters in full evidential awareness, taking the somaesthetic saliences I am currently undergoing as an example, it becomes clear that what must be suspended in order to perform the radical reduction to the living present is the tendency to take the events that I am feeling as adumbrations-"of" the privileged (and enduring) experiential "object" that might be termed "my own lived body sensuously felt from within" (29).
In turn, this abstract perception of a disembodied self is cognitively processed 'into a passive, generalized somaesthetic image of a static floating self' (Irwin, 2000, p.
This abstract, nonverbal idea of a disembodied consciousness is coded by the cognitive processing system into a passive, generalized somaesthetic image of a static floating self.
Together, the metaphoric and the somatic, comprise powerful ways to not only write and think differently but also to sense and experience differently--to feel becoming-animal through the somaesthetic practice of eating animal.
The cryptic notes and aphorisms of Wittgenstein that frequently imply insignificance of sensations also recognize the role of somaesthetic feelings, when he speaks of "aesthetic feeling for one's body" in the fields of philosophy of mind, politics, ethics and aesthetics.
18) See, for example, Richard Shusterman, Pragmatist Aesthetics: Living Beauty, Rethinking Art (Lanham, 2000; 2nd Edition) or, idem, Thinking through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics (Cambridge & New York, 2012); John J.
Somaesthetics and racism: Toward an embodied pedagogy of difference.
2004) Somaesthetics and Education: Exploring the Terrain, in Bresler, L.
Philosophically, gastro-aesthetic pedagogy draws largely on the work of Richard Shusterman, in particular the form of analysis, somaesthetics, which Shusterman defines as the "study of the experience and use of one's body as a locus of sensory-aesthetic appreciation (aisthesis) and creative self-fashioning" (1999, p.
Shusterman's neo-pragmatist revisionism, inspired by John Dewey's work, rethinks art and aesthetics from experience, proposing philosophy as a way of life, the hermeneutics of understanding, the legitimacy of popular art and somaesthetics.
Somaesthetics and The Second Sex: A pragmatist reading of a feminist classic.
Shusterman's pragmatism; between literature and somaesthetics.
As formulated by the contemporary philosopher most influenced by Dewey's notion of experience, Richard Shusterman, somaesthetics endeavors to revive somatic awareness as the foundation of philosophy as a way of life.