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the basic unit of money in Uzbekistan

the basic unit of money in Kyrgyzstan

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M-Systems' DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP aided us in making our SOM solution ideal for all embedded applications," said K.
Working out of his apartment to save on commercial rent, Som manages to barter with leading models and hair stylists, exchanging clothes for services in many cases.
in Tyup district, Kara-Keche coal - 5,200 som, Shabyrkul and Karajira - 6,200 som;
In addition to the master's degree, ADL SOM offers extensive executive education programs and custom management development, and is responsible for ADL management consulting training worldwide.
In addition to contributing the architectural design, SOM employees have volunteered in the old warehouse and participated in food drives.
30 som (buy) and 74 som (sell) in exchange offices of the capital.
661 billion som will be spent for servicing of the public debt in 2015, 20.
Osh city budget was approved at 940 million som or $13,786,326 for 2018.
The amount and depth of the SOM in soils is one of the most important properties that influences soil productivity and its ability to sustain plant life and carry out other important ecological roles such as buffering and moderating hydrological cycles, physically supporting plants, retaining and delivering nutrients to plants, disposing of wastes and dead organic material, renewing soil fertility, and regulating major element cycles (Daily et al.
The current research study provides evidence of reliability for the SOM in a range of contexts.
First, we will outline the evolution of SOM 210, Introduction to Business Information Systems (SOM 210), a large lecture course of 270 students per semester that includes small group projects and is designed around an academic implementation of Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server 2001 software.
She joined SOM in 1971, was elected partner in 1987 and chairman for a two-year term in October 2001.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan during the period from January 2013 to March 2018 spent 3,578,490,000 som for its maintenance, the Open Budget portal reports.