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the basic unit of money in Uzbekistan

the basic unit of money in Kyrgyzstan

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Revenues from tax make 10 billion 796.9 million som, non-tax revenues 1 billion 141.8 million som.
Euro, meanwhile, fell by 3.8 som for the same period, totaling 67.2 som for buying and 68 som for selling.
SOM 210 students working in these teams accessed various business databases leased by the W.E.B.
In total, the primary market's volume made 577.05 million som ($9 million) last month via transactions in securities of three companies: Aiyl Bank for additional issue of shares; Kyrgyz Agro Food Corporation for shares of second issue; Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank for issue of registered interest-bearing bonds.
Barth says the SOM plan basically restored the Circle to Central Park designer Frederick Olmstead's original scheme.
The euro is worth 70 som for buying, and 70.7 for sale.
Meanwhile, dollar exchange rate amounted to 61.40 som for buying and 61.50 som for selling; and euro - to 68.50 som for buying and 69 som for selling.
- Bishkek - 449 million 234 thousand som;- Osh - 98 million 659 thousand som.
In comparison, execution of the national budget amounted to 90 billion 994.1 million som ($1.5 billion) in 2013.
For the 11-month period, revenues amounted to 85.2 billion som ($1.48 billion), or 114.1% of the plan.
On December 1, the Russian currency rate was kept at 1.13 som for buying and 1.16 som for selling.
Expenditures of the budget increased by 3.16 billion som ($54.8 million): 2.95 billion som were allocated for energy sector; 70 million som for the General Prosecutor's Office; 50 million som more for residents of Ton district affected by the earthquake in November.
There are 7 trials with a total demand for 191.7 million som ($3.3 million), including:
About 3,631.2 million soms were allocated for electricity purchases at the plan of 3,614.2 million soms and 1,140.9 million soms were spent on transit at the plan of 1,136.6 million som.
Tax receipts for 10 months of 2014 amounted to 54.415 billion som, which is 96.3% of the planned 56.503 billion som, reports Tazabek with reference to the Finance Ministry.