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a thinker who focuses on the problem as stated and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution

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Solver changes that reduce memory usage may also increase disk usage and time to solution.
A good fluid solver in computer graphics should exhibit all the characteristics of real fluids, such as swirling flows around bodies.
Each solver was evaluated over N different argumentation graph instances within each track (N = 192 for SE and EE, and 576 for DC and DS).
The Climate Solver winners were awarded under two categories, Energy Access and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction.
It features an innovative, two-level package architecture and a large, growing collection of interoperable solver packages, including a full-featured parallel linear algebra package.
We're very pleased to recognize Solver with our Innovation Partner of the Year Award," said Geoff Ashley, Channel Chief at Acumatica.
In the fixed category each solver must follow a given search strategy.
The state of LA tech report recognized Solver and 24 other Los Angeles SaaS and service companies as the leaders of the city's tech scene.
The International SAT Solver Competition (1) is today an established series of competitive events aiming at objectively evaluating the' progress in state-of-the-art SAT solving techniques.
com)-- Solver, the global leader in Cloud and web-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) for mid-market ERP systems, today announced an expanded technology integration that brings together SAP Business One for HANA's leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality with BI360 Cloud's Excel- and web-based reporting, budgeting, and data warehousing.
The pairing of respective solvers-beneficiaries was being done by the racketeers by getting the roll numbers of these solvers-beneficiary candidates manipulated through Vyapam officials, such that a beneficiary candidate was seated right behind his solver.