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the ability to meet maturing obligations as they come due

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Solvency opinions are sought by company boards or creditors to provide comfort that a company can handle the obligations incurred in a leveraged deal.
The main objective of the research is to identify the preparatory measures which should be taken by the Romanian undertakings to implement the Solvency II regulation.
2, "Responding to Requests for Reports on Matters Relating to Solvency" in AT section 9101, Attest Engagements: Attest Engagements Interpretations of Section 101 (AICPA, Professional Standards, vol.
Solvency II, a directive of the European Commission, seeks to ensure the financial soundness of insurers doing business in Europe.
Over the same period, the average solvency ratio of public DB plans increased from 87 percent to 89 percent.
A sharp increase in mortgage lending could be a positive indicator only with an equally sharp increase in the population's solvency. However, Armenian citizens should not have any special illusions in this regard.
Hence, in the future, the group's solvency will only be calculated by the Solvency II rules and Nordea Bank will be treated as a normal equity investment.
Welcoming the rating, Jean-Louis Laurent Josi, chief executive officer at Oman Insurance said, 'In 2018, we have increased our solvency ratio to 214 per cent, our highest solvency of the past years, which confirms our strong ability to meet our policyholders' obligations.'
LONDON: Moody's Analytics has won Solvency II Product of the Year at the Markets Technology Awards for the second straight year.
The Own Risk and Solvency Assessment is 'an annual internal process undertaken by insurers to assess the adequacy of their enterprise risk management (ERM) and solvency positions under both normal and severe stress scenarios.
20, came for its service-level solvency, or the comparison of taxes, revenues and spending against personal income.
THE Central Bank of Ireland has fined two companies more than [euro]1.5million for a combined nine breaches of the Solvency Capital Requirement.
' With the benefit of hindsight, the report is not only false but misleading as the stated solvency ratios are at variance with the true position.