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a chemical process in which solvent molecules and molecules or ions of the solute combine to form a compound

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Natural clay (N), after solvation treatment with ethylene glycol (EG) and the latter heated at 500[degrees]C (500).
Femtosecond mid-infrared spectroscopy of aqueous solvation shells.
Solvation number ([S.sub.n]): [S.sub.n] = [M.sub.2]/[M.sub.1] [1 - [[kappa.sub.S] / [[kappa.sub.S] 1] [(100- X) /X] where X is the number of grams of solute in 100 gm of the solution.
All of the petroleums included in the correlation have R/A values within a relatively narrow range (0.924.25, except for Alba (AL) = 6.17) and the extent of resin solvation of asphaltene aggregates may be fairly uniform.
We tend to attribute this phenomenon to the preferential solvation of esters in the solution.
Mg-saturated clays were identified by XRD at 25[degrees]C before and after glycerol solvation. K-saturated clays were identified by XRD at 25[degrees]C and after being heated to 110, 250, 350, 450, and 550[degrees]C (Jackson 1979).
An occurrence which becomes pronounced in certain mixed solvent systems is preferential solvation, in which the solute is in contact with one solvent to a greater extent than the other.
The release of aroma compounds from frankfurters appears to be closely related to the solvation of these compounds in the lipid phase.
Some exceptions include non-solvent plasticizers, which do not show any tendency to form solvation complexes with resins.
Its product offering includes Jaguar, a high-performance quantum chemical software package, and the MacroModel molecular modeling package with superior conformational analysis capabilities, a variety of force fields, and a unique continuum solvation model for modeling both organic molecules and biomolecules using molecular mechanics-based methodology.
Variable speed drives for slower operation can be supplied for some elastic polymers which may shear degrade during the solvation cycle.
In this research work we have applied the most predictive theory of extended solvation model to study the thermodynamic parameters of comfarol+urease interaction.
Solvation energies were calculated by using PM6 and M06-2X/6-311G+dp methods and the polarizable continuum model solvent was chosen as water (Eps= 78.355300).
All the calculations were performed in the presence of water and dioxane as solvents by doing integral equation formalism-polarized continuum model (IEF-PCM) computations according to the solvation model density (SMD) solvation model [37].