solvating agent

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an agent that converts something into a solvate

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In the co-solvent process, a solvating agent is blended with the Novec HFE and it is the solvating agent that provides the cleaning power, with dirt and oils being retained in the solvoting agent for subsequent disposal.
Renishaw has now chosen to employ Novec fluids, with a specially selected solvating agent, for precision component cleaning throughout all its UK operations.
In stage one, the solvating agent is stimulated to dissolve contaminants by the bailing action of the Novec fluid and ultrasonic agitation.
The new automated process comprises two stage co-solvent cleaning with a combination of the HFE-based Novec solvent and a hydrocarbon solvating agent, using Microsolve equipment from Kerry Ultrasonics.
The new machine uses an environmentally friendly, specially blended mixture of 3M's Novec HFE 71 IPA and a hydrocarbon solvating agent.
Wenzel (chemistry, Bates College) describes chiral NMR derivatizing solvating agents, metal-based reagents and liquid crystals and explains the compounds for which they can be used for analysis.