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a compound formed by solvation (the combination of solvent molecules with molecules or ions of the solute)

cause a solvation in (a substance)

undergo solvation or convert into a solvate

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If the solvent is able to solvate both anions and cations and has dielectric constant D [greater than or equal to] 40 (water, formamide), only the equilibrium described by the overall constant [K.
The structures of three of these solvates (with ethylacetate, acetonitrile and methanol) were all obtained from single-crystal data, whereas the crystal structure of the parent compound itself has been solved from powder diffraction data using the Monte Carlo technique [8].
Further, new forms were analyzed by TGA (SDTA851e from Mettler Toledo) in order to separate true polymorphs from solvates.
The reduction in melt viscosity of the ionomeric polyblend by the addition of zinc stearate is due to the fact that at temperature beyond [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 4 OMITTED] its melting point ([greater than] 128 [degrees] C), zinc stearate solvates the ionic aggregates (5-7).
Solvates are crystalline materials made of the same chemical substance, but with molecules of solvent regularly incorporated into a unique molecular packing.
The temperature range in which transition occurs is approximately 5 [degrees] C for all compositions, this substantiates the great homogeneity of the samples when the terpolymer solvates up to 40 m/m (%) of NaI (8).