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a compound formed by solvation (the combination of solvent molecules with molecules or ions of the solute)

cause a solvation in (a substance)

undergo solvation or convert into a solvate

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Walden's rule can be recovered by application of the Stokes-Einstein equation, which shows the constant to be related to the charge and size of the solvated ions [13].
On the other hand, in 1,4-dioxanerich mixtures, where the drugs are preferentially solvated by water, they could have acted mainly as a Lewis base in the presence of water because the Kamlet-Taft hydrogen bond donor parameters are [alpha] = 1.
2010) Binding energies, lifetimes and implications of bulk and interface solvated electrons in water.
As the steric repulsion from the solvated PEO segments prevents SWNTs from aggregating, the short PEO segments may allow for enhanced aggregation in the P123 dispersion.
So the solvated species formed in the surplus of free extractant is supposed to extract more Zn(II) at higher loadings by the following reaction:
The use of potassium dichromate solvated in dilute perchloric acid is an established method for validating the absorbance scale and linearity of a spectrophotometer in the UV region.
Produced by compressing mixtures of fibers and solvated rubber, sheet gaskets are used to seal and control fugitive emissions from flanged joints in the refining, petrochemical, power generation and pulp and paper industries, www.
This structure was then solvated using a water box padded with 1.
The concentration gradient is determined by the current density, the active anodic area size and the solvated metallization ions' diffusion velocity.
The decrease in the value of 'r' with the increase in temperature may indicate that the reduced species are solvated, the extent of decrease in the value of 'r', is different at different pH values, may be due to the difference in the extent of solvation (Mehta et al, 1979).
Here we report the results for the reactions of tetraethoxysilane with n-butylmagnesium chloride solvated with dibutyl ether, diethyl ether, and THF, and with isopropylmagnesium chloride in the presence of diethyl ether, and also for the reaction of isopropyltriethoxysilane with n-butylmagnesium chloride solvated with diethyl ether.
Many of the initial products are solvated, with water or benzene, and an X-ray crystal structure showing the solvated molecule is warranted in order to rule out a possible isomeric 3-substituted BID, with a carboalkoxyhydrazone pendant group.
Creating the solvated phase by adding ca 370-390 passive equilibrated water molecules to the box results in a rather typical ratio of the water and solute atoms (generally more than ten [18], in our case eighteen).
The three-dimensional structures of these peptides in the solvated state were simulated on an Insight II molecular modeling platform (Accelrys) running on Silicon Graphics workstations.