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a compound formed by solvation (the combination of solvent molecules with molecules or ions of the solute)

cause a solvation in (a substance)

undergo solvation or convert into a solvate

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Riman further explained that gluconic acid is a much weaker acid compared to phosphoric and sulfuric acids since at the same concentration it releases a far smaller amount of free proton (H+), so it would usually be expected to solvate less REE.
According to them, the polymorphic transformations and solvate decompositions may follow a continuous mechanism or by nucleation and growth.
Dye adsorption followed pseudo-second order kinetics and was faster in dimethyl carbonate complex solvate than in acetone.
The crystal structure of 5-bromonicotinic acid differs significantly from the solvate structures.
Dirithromycin was reported to crystallize into different polymorphic forms in different solvents, such as nonsolvated crystal forms (1 and 2), 1-propanol solvate, cyclohexane trisolvate and acetonitrile-trihydrate.
The copper ion lies on a centre of symmetry (Figure 1), so the asymmetric unit comprises one ligand molecule, one ethanol solvate molecule, and half of a copper(II) ion.
It has been proposed that the PL intensity of UV-irradiated epoxy resins is mainly affected by the concentration of OH groups that can solvate electrons providing stable trapping sites [34].
If the solvent is able to solvate both anions and cations and has dielectric constant D [greater than or equal to] 40 (water, formamide), only the equilibrium described by the overall constant [K.sub.a] (Eq.
Kishi, [mu]-Guanidinidobis[(terpyridine)platinum(II)] tris(hexaflurophosphate) acetonitrile solvate, Acta Cryst.
The melting points OTA, OTB and OTC are about 90, 221 and 94-96 0C respectively, when crystallized from benzene as a solvate. Their vapor pressures are 3.11 x 10-14; 6.39 x 10-15 and 1.81 x 10-15 mm Hg at 250C respectively.
It is the only way to explain the decrease in [log.sub.10][K.sub.1] as the amount of ethanol in the media is increased since [L.sup.-] is expected to solvate more than [HL.sup.[+ or -]] in media rich in ethanol.
Parameters show the tendency of ionic liquids to solvate the dye in a greater extent than the organic solvent and according to the model the solvent formed by the interaction of an ionic liquid and an organic solvent is very polar.
It is important to know about the active chemical groups present on the surface of the solid which, in solution, may ionize or solvate. Such a process can impart net charges to the solid/liquid interface.
The complex 1 also presents an acetonitrile (C[H.sub.3]CN) molecule which is acting as a solvate in the crystalline packing in a 1:1 molar ratio.