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capable of being solved


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This is what the EU are afraid of, hence the Backstop designed to stop us doing just that by making the Irish border, which is an easily solvable problem, into an excuse to handcuff us to the EU and keep us in their power.
In a conversation with the BiH diplomatic representative in Norway, he pointed out that he was sorry that certain problems still exist in BiH, which, in his opinion, are very much solvable, and depend only on political will.
Despite many people thinking Edsa's traffic situation is a hopeless case, singer and actress Lea Salonga remained optimistic that it's still 'solvable.'
Besides the description and characteristics, it is values, solvable problems, best practices, selling stories, etc.
"I don't think it's a solvable problem to tell you the truth.
The retired professor demonstrates the power and beauty of solvable group character theory and provides a foundation for further study of the many-normal-subgroups branch of character theory.
We condemn all attempts at trying to turn a solvable political conflict into a religious war, particularly by the Israeli Government that has constantly made use of religion to justify its systematic denial of the human and national rights of the Palestinian people."
"Your money is safe and secure as this is a solvable administration issue and not that of financial misappropriation," Kariuki said.
Hakim, during the meeting today, according to his media office, called to resolve the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil, according to the Constitution and the law, noting: "All crises are solvable if the solution management available and culture of compromise and convergence in the middle." Hakim discussed with Saleh the latest developments in the political situation and preparations for the upcoming election, stressing the competition according to the electoral programs away from the language of political squeeze, pointing to the importance of the national majority in the next phase in the presence of basic components according to the equation of loyalists and opposition./ End
In recent years, there has been a developing interest in search for exactly solvable systems in nonrelativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics.
Speaking at an urgent UNGA vote against the decision, Al-Maliki regarded it an "attack against the right of the original Palestinian people in the city of Jerusalem, the Arab nation and all Muslims and Christians of the world." The draft, tabled by Arab, Islamic and Non-Aligned Movement countries, calls for a UNGA vote to declare the US move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital "null and void." If the resolution is passed, the Palestinian chief diplomat argued it would only affect the US status as a peace broker, but if not, he warned it would turn a "solvable political conflict into a boundless religious war," arguing "Jerusalem is the key to war and peace in the Middle East and the world at large," he underlined.
The Irish border issue is solvable simply by leaving it as it is.
Given the equations below, one would expect XENON to be solvable.