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the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it possible to solve


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As we will see the index of factorization very influences on the solvability picture of the equation (3.1).
In Section 3, we solve the same problems using the Lie algebraic approach within the framework of quasi-exact solvability and therein we make a comparison between the solutions obtained by the BAM and QES method.
Gupta, "Solvability of a forced autonomous duffing's equation with boundary conditions in the presence of damping," Applications of Mathematics, vol.
Inspired and motivated by the works of [6, 30], in this paper, we establish the solvability of some perturbed generalized variational inequalities when both the mapping F and the constraint set K are perturbed simultaneously in reflexive Banach spaces.
Fundamental Solutions and Local Solvability for Nonsmooth HAaAaAeAa*rmander Operators
The aim of the present paper is to develop a technique for the solvability of implicit problems associated with differential inclusions whose right-hand sides are governed by compact acyclic mappings.
In Section 3, the solvability, unconditional stability, and convergence of the method are proven.
In this survey we describe conjugacy classes, character tables, commutators, nilpotency and solvability for semisimple Hopf algebras.
where A([T.sub.2]) is a complex-valued function that is determined by imposing the solvability condition at the third order, the overbar denotes the complex conjugate, and [omega] and [PHI](x) are the natural frequency and corresponding eigenfunction of the directly excited modes, respectively.
In the article titled "On a Nonlinear Wave Equation Associated with Dirichlet Conditions: Solvability and Asymptotic Expansion of Solutions in Many Small Parameters" [1], there are similarities with two of the authors' previous publications; one of them was cited:
Next we review the solvability of a system of linear equations.
The problem of solvability of (1) has drawn the attention of many mathematicians.
In this paper, we will focus on the problem of the location of the sensors regarding the solvability of the disturbance decoupling problem by the dynamic measurement feedback (DDDPM).
On the other hand, these platforms have to moderate the presence of financial risks and assure the financial solvability of their users.
"Within a crime category, perhaps theft, the value, circumstances and implications for public safety can vary widely, and each case has to be assessed on criteria of solvability, victim impact and opportunity for the prevention of future instances."