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the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it possible to solve


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Then they delve into further regularity of the fundamental solutions and local solvability of L, discussing preliminary results, estimates on the second derivatives of the fundamental solution, and local solvability and HAaAaAeAa*lder estimat on the highest derivation of the solution.
On the level of category theory there exists a notion of solvability [10] and it is customary to define solvable Hopf algebras H as those for which Rep(H) is a solvable category.
They rely nevertheless on banking information and on Experian, a global information service group which calculates the FICO score of borrowers, an index of solvability based on credit history, payments history and amounts owed.
l-1] [not equal to] 0 (in fact, I is always less than k); we have Theorem 4 which is fundamental on the solvability of LFDAE (1).
For the closeness of the obtained algebraic equations, we miss 2 x N equations expressing the solvability conditions of integral equations (stress finiteness conditions in the vicinity of the tips of the cracks with end zones).
Xiang, On the solvability of a fractional differential equation model involving the p-Laplacian operator, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 64 (2012) 32673275.
And his assessment of its solvability was equally concise: "Both the United States and its allies, and the Soviet Union and its allies, have a mutually deep interest in a just and genuine peace and in halting the arms race.
In this paper, we are going to study the solvability of a nonlinear quadratic integral inclusion of the kind
Each chapter outlines a core concept of mathematics, expands upon the depths of the topic, helps infuse the mindset needed to tackle the dilemma, theories of algebra, and breaking through the idea of typical solvability.
Relative algebraic correspondences Masaki HANAMURA and mixed motivic sheaves Remark on energy density of Brody Masaki TSUKAMOTO curves Solvability of primitive equations Hirotada HONDA for the ocean with vertical mixing Above three, communicated by Masaki KASHIWARA, M.
Relative algebraic correspondences and mixed motivic sheaves Masaki HANAMURA Remark on energy density of Brody curves Masaki TSUKAMOTO Solvability of primitive equations for the ocean with vertical mixing Hirotada HONDA Above three, communicated by Masaki KASHIWARA, M.
This decree-law on the restructuring of credit entities namely provides a new increase in solvability ratios [the level of own capital reserves goes from 8% to 9% - Ed] and an easier public bailout of banks.
There have been a number of papers to discuss the solvability of matrix equation(s) over kinds of matrix spaces (see, e.
The success of this method lies in the correct design of interface numerical fluxes, which must be designed to guarantee stability and local solvability of all the auxiliary variables introduced to approximate the derivatives of the solution.
The algorithmic aspects of the equivalence problem and the equation solvability problem have received increasing attention in the past two decades.