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the dissolved matter in a solution

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Solute transport experiments can be performed using undisturbed soil cores (Vanderborght, Timmerman, and Feyen, 2000; Logsdon Keller and Moorman, 2002; Jarvis, 2007; Jellali et al., 2010), however, in a more general way, disturbed soils columns are used (Dousset et al., 2007; Eberemu, Amadi, and Edeh, 2013; Delwiche, Lehmann and Walter, 2014; Liu et al., 2014; Interno, Lenti and Fidelibus, 2015; Silva et al., 2016).
The weight fraction activity coefficient, a|1, of the solute probe at infinite dilution was calculated according to the following equation [5]:
Similarly, such a method will be employed to determine the concentration of the solute in the fracture in this study.
In this method, a solute and competing agent are both placed into the mobile phase and applied simultaneously to the column.
To get qualitative information regarding hydration of a solute, Hepler's constant [16] [([[partial derivative].sup.2][V.sup.0.sub.[phi]]/[partial derivative][T.sup.2]).sub.p] was calculated by using the Equation 5.
Ruiz, "Block freeze-concentration of coffee extract: Effect of freezing and thawing stages on solute recovery and bioactive compounds, " Journal of Food Engineering, vol.
There have been a few case reports of managing central DI in early infancy using low renal solute load formula and chlorothiazide [14-16].
Within this context, we report the case of a pediatric liver transplant recipient who suffered acute polyuric renal failure leading to severe dehydration during a diet with high renal solute load.
Solutions with the same solute concentration were prepared adopting 2 treatments: one with common distilled water and another with magnetized distilled water.
In this sense, the activity coefficient of carbon dioxide (solute) was lower in the presence of methyl acetate, than in the presence of ethyl ether.
For correct assessment through modelling, solute transport parameters such as the dispersion coefficient (D), residence time, transport velocity (V).
In the article, "Identification of a Novel Mutation in Solute Carrier Family 29, Member 3 in a Chinese Patient with H Syndrome", which appeared in the pages 1336-1339, Issue 10, Vol 128 of Chinese Medical Journal [sup][1] , the word "c.
(3) The Gallstones are coagulated bile formed due to super saturation of any of its solute contents.
Aisha Waheed Qurashi D/o Abdul Waheed Qureshi in thesubject of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics after approval of her thesis entitled "Compatible Solute Analysis of Salt Tolerant Bacteria and Some Crops Under NaCI Stress" .
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