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Synonyms for solubility

the quantity of a particular substance that can dissolve in a particular solvent (yielding a saturated solution)

the property (of a problem or difficulty) that makes it possible to solve

the quality of being soluble and easily dissolved in liquid

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Briefly, the solubilities of sodium chloride in the binary solvent mixtures were measured by the gravimetric method using high precision balance (OHAUS, USA, precision of 0.1 mg) with standard uncertainty of 0.2 mg at 0.681 level of confidence [6].
Carbon dioxide solubilities and ionic speciation in aqueous solutions of MEA, DEA, MDEA and AMP have been correlated using a simple explicit approach.
The high solubilities of coconut proteins at acid [P.sup.H] suggest that they may be used in acid foods and beverage [14].
The concentrations have discontinuities across the boundaries of the plies of the tire due to the different solubilities of the plies.
The difference in solubilities, determined from the slopes of a solidus-to-liquidus line on a phase diagram, is expressed by the partition ratio KS/L, which has a value less than 1 for most simple alloys.
Their solubilities in water and [H.sub.2]O content in nonaqueous phase are desired to be accurately reproduced by a thermodynamic model.
Several hundred different polyphosphazenes are now known, each with a combination of different properties and solubilities. The blend-type interactions of polyphosphazenes with classical polymers that provide opportunities for polymer-polymer coordination such as polyesters [1, 2] and polyelhers have been studied as part of efforts to integrate the sometimes unique properties of polyphosphazenes with those of classical organic polymers.
Actual liquid and solid solubilities in pure aluminum just above and below the solidus are 0.69 and 0.04 c|m.sup.3~ per 100 grams, respectively.
Despite the importance of solubility data, experimentally determined solubilities of [CO.sub.2] in native starch samples for a wide range of conditions are limited.
Only [Osub.2] and [CO.sub.2] solubilities followed this established rule.