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either of the two times of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator

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He finds himself alone with the "incoherence" of his self-appraisal of cameraderie and leadership at the solstitial moment of American conquest of the world.
Thus, the author depicts Ada--first in the planning stage (260), then six years later in the implementation stage (356)--of building her own little cult site dedicated to cosmic rebirth: the two "towers" that she originally contemplates building to track the sunset are tantamount to a poor-man's version of the woodhenges that mark many solstitially-- aligned sites; her eventual decision to forego the towers and simply "clear some trees to notch the ridge at the turning point" (260) reflects the need to assure visibility at forested solstitial sites.
27-28), and they end with the solstitial New Fire at Etzacualiztli, before the New Fire ceremonies repeated after its end, in tribute quarters linked to Series III year bearers (p.
If baseball bespoke a pastoral image, it did so on fields turning brown under a solstitial sun--not verdant fields of the pastoral model.
Some deserts have solstitial rains (Mediterranean deserts with winter rains, and tropical deserts with summer rains), while others have equinoctial rains (subtropical deserts with rains in the spring and autumn); both types of rainfall regime may be unimodal, as in the two first examples, or bimodal, as in equatorial deserts with spring and autumn rainfall.
The Pacific totem pole might he an emblem for a New Age, marking the primacy of Nature over man--a new animistic north-south dialectic that follows a biological, solstitial, rather than an historical imperative.
This possibility becomes endemic uncertainty when the disguise and self-deception running rampant in Illyria, like the carnival masquerades of the solstitial celebration, manifest various levels of identity and potentially limitless prospects for human interaction.
For those who'd rather indulge a solstitial impulse of "Bah, Humbug
Other traditional peoples, however, observed its solstitial excursions ceremonially and equated the solstice limits with seasonal homes of the Sun.