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(physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance

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As a result, solitons (coherent structures) or shock waves may be formed [16,17], ensembles of solitons may emerge [18,19], interaction of 2D solitons may lead to amplification [20], patterns of soliton trajectories demonstrate the character of motion in time [18,19], interaction with the embedded microstructure reveals the emergence of wave ensembles--solitary trains [21], seismic waves may undergo amplification [22,23], etc.
According to Soliton, the fluctuating availability of 3G or 4G cellular networks makes it hard for traditional systems to maintain reliable HD quality of live streaming content.
The emerging solitary waves further transform into solibores that consist of a 'fat' (table-like) soliton and one or two soliton-like disturbances that lag behind the table-like feature.
Among all, recently a soliton based pulse compression stage and a self-phase modulation (SPM) based pulse reshaping stage become an optimum choice.
The authors cover soliton signals propatating fiber waveguides and slow light generation, MRR systems and soliton propagating in optical fiber communication, the analysis of single MRRs, and many other related subjects.
A Yamabe soliton is said to be shrinking, steady or expanding according to [lambda] > 0, [lambda] = 0 or [lambda] < 0 respectively and [lambda] is said to the soliton constant.
We say that the vector field V, satisfying the evolution equation (5), is called a "Ricci soliton vector" briefly denoted by RS vector, and ([bar.
To verify that we have computed really a vector soliton of system (1), we run the numerical solver to approximate the solutions to system (1), introduced by Munoz Grajales and Quiceno in [37], with stepsize [DELTA][xi] = [10.
For the further study of the higher-order terms and nonlinear terms influence on soliton propagation mechanism, Guo have constructed the Lax Pair through Darboux transformation and derived the breathers and multisoliton solutions for the fourth-order generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation as follows [12]:
Key words: Reduced differential transform method; Variational iteration method; Adomian decomposition method; Shock wave equation; Conservation law; Soliton solutions.
Photosynthesis continues a way of painting that Morton practiced in previous years; it connects, for instance, to some bigger canvases with complex figuration from 2008--10, while three other works in the show, Soliton, Feed Me, and Delay Dispersion, introduce a new attitude.
A more promising way could be to assume that the stable elementary particles of the first generation are exact soliton solutions to the relevant quantum field theory, or its dual [16], whereas unstable higher generation elementary particles would be solitary wave (particle-like, but not stable) solutions to the said quantum field theory.
He added that one can generate a single stable soliton circulating inside a microresonator and in the output optical fiber, one can obtain a periodic series of pulses with a period corresponding to a round trip time of the soliton.