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(physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance

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The emerging solitary waves further transform into solibores that consist of a 'fat' (table-like) soliton and one or two soliton-like disturbances that lag behind the table-like feature.
T] is given, M can be easily obtained; by contrast, in the nonlinear regime, the decoupled two parameters contribute jointly to the formation of solitary waves.
NASA said this solitary wave has implications for the future rate of sea level rise.
Unique to PECAN is the focus on finer-scale processes, such as bores, solitary waves, and parent density currents.
43] in the framework of solitary wave solutions of a family of scalar dispersive models for water wave propagation.
This was our required result in Series form as obtained in Partial Differential Equations and Solitary Waves Theory (Wazwaz 2009).
On one-dimensional solitary waves in microstructured solids.
Dispersive nonlinear systems have received a renewal of attraction since the pioneering work by Rosenau and Hyman [1] introducing the concept of solitary waves with compact support and compactons.
We shall then discuss nonlinear solitary waves in multi-species space plasmas, and in particular illustrate existence domains and report on kappa distribution effects as well as some recent fundamental developments.
1960) The second approximation to cnoidal and solitary waves.
In addition to maintaining their shape, the solitary waves are typically bell shaped pulses which can survive collisions with other solitary waves [2].
This collection of papers includes recent research monographs, reviews of current developments, and short communications on the topic of solitons, self-reinforcing solitary waves that maintain their shape while traveling at constant speed.
Among the topics are a hyperbolic model of granular flow, symmetric solutions to multi-dimensional conservation laws, asymptotic analysis in the thermodynamics of viscous fluids, instability in solitary waves for a nonlinearly dispersive equation, a local and low-order Navier-Stokes-Korteweg system, and finite difference methods for discretizing singular source terms in a Poisson interface problem.
These chains "are the simplest representation of highly nonlinear acoustic waveguides, which exploit the properties of particle contacts to tune the shapes of the traveling acoustic signals and their speed of propagation, creating compact acoustic pulses known as solitary waves," said Daraio.