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Synonyms for nodule

a small node

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)

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Evaluation and management of the solitary pulmonary nodule.
The Computed Tomography scan confirmed the solitary pulmonary nodule in the left upper lobe.
Computer-aided diagnosis to distinguish benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules on radiographs: ROC analysis of radiologists' performance.
Endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial lung biopsy in solitary pulmonary nodules and peripheral lesions.
The application of image analysis techniques to distinguish benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules imaged on CT".
2-[[sup]18F]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose and 3-deoxy-3-[[sup]18F]-fluorothymidine positron emission tomography/computed tomography imaging of benign solitary pulmonary nodule and lung cancer nodules
5%) with undiagnosed peripheral pulmonary mass, solitary pulmonary nodule, interstitial/diffuse lung disease, mediastinal/paratracheal mass or suspected malignant pleural effusion.
The workup of a solitary pulmonary nodule has been well described in the literature, with diagnosis/management depending on nodule characteristics, stability, and risk factors for malignancy.
Management of a solitary pulmonary nodule 1 cm or less in size in a patient at intermediate risk for lung cancer remains an enormous challenge and considerable burden on the health care system.
A solitary pulmonary nodule unchanged for >2 years on chest radiograph or containing benign central calcifications requires no further work-up (SOR: B, based on historical cohort studies).
Part II is entitled "Common Presentations in the Outpatient Setting" and includes the following chapters: Chronic Cough, Recurrent Episodes of Purulent Phlegm, Progressive Exertional Dyspnea, Chronic Exertional Dyspnea, Fatigue-Associated Daytime Sleepiness, Solitary Pulmonary Nodule, Hemoptysis, Digital Clubbing, Bilateral Pleural; Effusion, Unilateral Right-Sided Pleural Effusion, Platypnea, Chronic Hypercapnia, Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Pleuritic Chest Pain, Non-Pleuritic Chest Pain, Upper Lobe Pulmonary Infiltrate, Wheezing, Stridor, Cavitary Pulmonary Infiltrate, and Bilateral Hilar Adenopathy.
Patients with a solitary pulmonary nodule detected on chest x-ray without change for more than 2 years (based on review of prior chest radiographs) and/or with benign calcification patterns (central, diffuse, laminar, or "popcorn" pattern) require no further evaluation.