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a small node

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


(mineralogy) a small rounded lump of mineral substance (usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment)

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A case of 25-year-old man presented with a solitary nodule on the scalp.
The diagnosis was multinodular goiter in 62 (60%), solitary nodule in 18 (17%) and hyperthyroid goiter in 17 (16%) patients, recurrent goitor in 5 (5%) and thyroid carcinoma in 2 (2%) patients.
Also, according to result it was found that, in a multinodular thyroid disease, presence of calcification favours benign lesion but if a solitary nodule shows the presence of calcification, there is high chances of malignancy.
However, there are no publications that studied about the efficacy of DEB-TACE prior to surgery in large solitary nodule HCC.
A radiologic evaluation reported multiple nodules in 87% of cases, 70% bilateral and 17% unilateral, with a solitary nodule found only in 13% of all patients [6].
Agenesis of isthmus of the thyroid gland in a patient with graves- basedow disease and a solitary nodule. Case Rep Surg.
(3) In a clinical study of 1290 patients diagnosed with prostate cancer, 48 patients had lung metastases, with only 11 patients (0.86%) having solitary nodule. (4) There have been several reports of isolated multiple pulmonary metastases; (5) however, none have reported lung metastases of prostate cancer and primary lung cancer detected at the same time.
Skin metastasis can present most commonly as a solitary nodule with or without ulceration, a cluster of nodules, an erythematous papule, or a bulging mass.
It typically appears as a papule or solitary nodule, euchromatic or red in the sole or lateral border of the feet, corresponding to 2/3 of the cases; as with other eccrine gland tumors, a pigmented variant of rare presentation exists (2,3) other sites affected are: the distal extremities, palms, and fingers, and less likely in the forearms, eyelids, thorax, scalp, external auditory canal, hip, gluteus, and abdomen (4-9).
The most common radiographic findings were multiple nodules and/or masses, solitary nodule or mass, and consolidations, which could be seen in 58.3%, 25.0%, and 25.0% of patients, respectively.
Examination revealed a solitary nodule measuring 4 x 4 cm in the right lobe.
LCA may appear as multiple or solitary nodule lesion of 1-11 cm (8).
Preoperative thyroid US (Esaote Technos- MPX and 10 MHz probe; Geneva, Italy) was performed in all patients and US findings were defined as thyroiditis, multinodular goiter (MNG) and solitary nodule. The number and size of nodules were recorded.
Thyroid ultrasonography was performed and a 3 cm solid nodule on the right lobe and a 1 cm solitary nodule on the left lobe were observed.
Alexander's hospital found that a woman who presents with a solitary nodule that is found on ultrasound to be completely solid with punctate calcifications has a 33% chance of that nodule being cancerous, while a woman who presents with a multiple nodules found on ultrasound to be mixed solid and cystic with rim or coarse calcifications has a much lower risk--about 6% (J.