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Synonyms for solitariness

the quality or state of being alone

Synonyms for solitariness

the state of being alone in solitary isolation


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Whitehead defines spirituality as that part of the experience of man where he tries to discover himself through 'individual solitariness' which is reminiscent of Freud's theory of quiet happiness stated in his treatise on Civilization and its Discontents.
After giving this intensive image of scary, devouring solitariness, accentuated by the notable repetition of the word "lonely," the poet gives a more fearful view of the desert: They cannot scare me with their empty spaces Between stars--on stars where no human race is.
Solitariness is not the same as loneliness, but it can easily turn into loneliness, especially when paired with the tiring public demands of the job.
The solitariness and fear of being cut off from fellow humans seems to have been a constant companion for Jarrell, even as early as childhood.
But the essentialness of a lot of my fiction is solitariness. So even though I'm the most gregarious of people, the person who writes those books seems to be solitary.
He deserts the city to escape female encounter, and he shelters in the desert to lead a life of solitariness and extreme introspection.
Let us say, then, that Thoreau is comfortable with his solitariness, and that he is not troubled by various losses.
Beyond a sense of art's nihilistic solitariness and the over-intellectualisation of art movements, we return to the poetic intimacy of clay vessels and to a grassroots Gulgong experience that had been nurtured.
image schemas, and close analysis of a necessarily limited number of lyric poems to document Hardy's inward journey into solitariness, moving towards an embrace of nescience (the condition of not knowing) and affirming his monist perspective on the universe's organization.
Gracie's solitariness is well conveyed; the mystery of the forest at night, its stillness and coldness, can be felt; and the explosions of the fireworks, presumably on bonfire night, are suitably startling.
But Phillips also suggests that "getting it, as a project or a supposed achievement, can itself sometimes be an avoidance; an avoidance, say, of our solitariness or our singularity or our unhostile interest and uninterest in other people" (57).
Robinson has created a balladlike story about two lost people who, after years of stoic solitariness, unexpectedly find love--not the sudden, transformative passion of romantic movies and novels but a hard-won trust and tenderness that grow slowly over time.
The first poem deals with solitariness, and is discussed in detail below.