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Synonyms for solitarily

without the presence or aid of another

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endured solitarily; the act of sharing had the unintended effect of
Exclusively online radicalization is typically found among individuals who radicalized solitarily as well as among those who radicalized as part of small clutches of people geographically dispersed across the national territory and who never met in person, at least before actual involvement in terrorism-related activities.
Yasui's family was held in internment camps after Executive Order 9066 was signed, and he was solitarily confined for nine months in Multnomah County Jail when he purposefully broke Japanese-American curfew to protest racist laws in 1942.
"Instead, they spontaneously started to play with the bird next to them, or played solitarily in the air or with an object."
Even the regarding facts are not associative, so solitarily describing a nontrivial LD system over any noncommutative group G via the mapping [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Our findings demonstrate that ligamentous damage solitarily results in a pattern, affecting 24 to 65% of patients suffering from RA, resulting in myelopathy in 5% [9].
While we often read poetry silently and solitarily today, sixteenth-century poets conceived of their poetry in musical terms.
This species occurs solitarily or in groups of a few individuals and exhibits high diurnal site fidelity (Nanami and Yamada, 2009).
1-7 septate conidiophores mounted solitarily broad conidia with rough wall has transverse septa (1-3 septa) and longitudinal septum (one or more), somewhat narrow at the base and broad at the top.
Unlike most seabird species, Kittlitz's Murrelets do not nest in colonies, but instead nest solitarily at low densities.
In addition, large groups of prey are more likely to be detected visually in open habitats or easily encountered in dense habitats by a predator than small groups and solitarily living prey (Cullen 1960, Vine 1973).
With this viewpoint in mind, as the second of a series of studies on the localization of DGK-like immunoreactivity in the OV, the present study reported outside the OV central nerves including the cephalic ganglia, the appearance of a certain number of multi-polar large cells which were solitarily immunostained with the rat DGK[zeta] antibody.
Soon Davis is finding himself via a) working construction pro bono; b) jamming solitarily and ear-budded down a crowded Manhattan street; c) asking a teenage boy to shoot him in the chest; and d) demolishing his own glitzy Westchester County, NY, home.
The risk of getting chronic respiratory tract diseases caused by exposure to hemp and jute dust together or solitarily was calculated using logistic regression analysis by considering various factors like age, sex and smoking habit.
Some names occur solitarily or sporadically, while others--among them Pavel Spongopaeus Jistebnicky, Ondrej Chiysoponus Jevicsky, Jan Simonides Montanus and Jan Trojan Turnovsky--often appear in sources throughout Bohemia and even emerge in foreign manuscripts.