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Synonyms for solitarily

without the presence or aid of another

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In fully formed human lung, most NE cells exist solitarily in the ciliated epithelium or can be found in groups, known as pulmonary neuroendocrine bodies (NEBs).
The symbiotic shrimp Ascidonia flavomaculata lives solitarily in the tunicate Ascidia mentula: implications for its mating system.
Electromagnetic induction can be applied solitarily as single induction or as repeated pulses at predetermined intervals over a time variable, which can be customized based on the underlying condition and treatment goals.
32) The socially awkward, "rather henlike" professor appears, however, to have as little inherent interest in golf as he does in antiquarianism; instead he is attempting (rather pathetically) to foster college friendships by solitarily improving his prowess on the playing fields.
In the novel Windflower (1970), a Protestant man of aboriginal descent resists the beckoning of church bells in Fort Chimo, choosing to read his Bible solitarily instead, a portrait in miniature of two distinct theologies.
nigra naturally attach to mangrove roots within the lagoon and are commonly found solitarily or rarely in small groups (2-4 individuals) separated by 5 or more centimeters from one another (Fig.
This species is solitarily distributed in forests or in open areas, and is most commonly found in degraded areas where the species is a dominant pioneer.
Yet they are in the end too separate from their worlds, too autonomous, too solitarily human.
Then the evening is over, he is out in Mayfairs night--"For some instants golden hair glimmers through the motor car's window"--and the Monster pads back solitarily to his hotel.
According to the agreement, all captives imprisoned solitarily shall be released from sole confinement within 72 hours," with their families allowed to visit them, said Hamas official Saleh Al-Arawri.
After ar least five decades of "perversion" and "gnostic" consternation of community personalism, Europe should have retaken, solitarily and solidarily, its Christian origin, from a theological and philosophical point of view as well as from a political and juridical one, by the assumed option for a geopolitics of religions in the spirit of new occidental multiculturalism.
This technique also echoes the film's poster, in which McConaughey stands solitarily holding a football, brightly framed against the steeples, rooftops, and trees of Marshall University's home in Huntington.
It's why much of Pleasure, his first real album as Pure X with longtime friends Youngblood and Jenkins, was written solitarily.
6) Halona, from this series, (see figure 1) shows a girl by that name posing wistfully next to a wooden school desk; having felt the sting of bias at school, she now learns solitarily at a computer rather than sit among her classmates at a conventional school desk.