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Synonyms for solitaire

a gem (usually a diamond) in a setting by itself

extinct flightless bird related to the dodo

a dull grey North American thrush noted for its beautiful song

a card game played by one person

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Its latest product, b+ Solitaire, is a modular system consisting of several key pieces like a shelf, cooking island and table, fashioned in matte black metal and solid wood.
The Solitaire, with its minimalist construction, works well in a variety of spaces.
Kalyan Jewellers, one of the region's leading jewellery brands, has launched Ziah - Infinite sparkles, an exquisite range of diamond jewellery, which recreates the perfect look of Solitaires.
GARDNER - The name has a local ring, but a Townsend's solitaire seen in the city last week may have to buy a ticket for a cross-country flight if it wants to get all the way home.
Birder Tom Pirro of Westminster discovered the solitaire two days before Christmas in and around oriental bittersweet growing near a stand of apple trees in Gardner.
According to Mordy Rapapport, managing director of Rapapport Group, to promote trading and investments in diamonds there is a need to get in a few varieties of solitaires with international pricing.
Transparency in pricing of rough and polished diamonds, coupled with the creation of limited benchmark varieties of solitaire, can easily make consumers accept the instrument as an investment tool for wider portfolio diversification," she said.
We decided to introduce a collection of individual solitaires to give customers the unique opportunity to design their own jewellery.
Malabar Gold & Diamonds has launched Solitaire One, an exclusive collection of solitaires showcasing a wide collection of loose solitaires in various sizes, colours and quality.
In addition to the demand for solitaire diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, there has been a rise in cases of solitaires being used as gifts to celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions.
Dhamani and International Diamond Laboratories, a subsidiary of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, have launched the largest collection of certified individual solitaire diamonds in Dubai.
A new knob option is now available for the Solitaire line of standalone electronic locks from Kaba Ilco, Inc.