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Synonyms for solitaire

a gem (usually a diamond) in a setting by itself

extinct flightless bird related to the dodo

a dull grey North American thrush noted for its beautiful song

a card game played by one person

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The Solitaire, with its minimalist construction, works well in a variety of spaces.
He, along with Solitaire the rabbit, has since appeared on channel Five documentary 41 Dogs in a Three-Bed Semi.
Kalyan's Ziah - Infinite sparkles range of diamond jewellery, which recreates the perfect look of solitaires.
To allow PPS Club members to qualify for the Solitaire tier faster, the qualification requirement for Solitaire PPS Club membership will be changed to S$50,000 PPS Value1 within a membership year.
In French, solitaire is a noun meaning "recluse," and to do something en solitaire is to do it alone.
Players will get a free month subscription of "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" premium edition, worth $1.
Weld recorded his previous victory 24 years ago and True Solitaire boasts strong credentials, having finished runner-up to Johannes Vermeer, Port Douglas and Black Sea in three starts since running away with a Galway maiden last summer.
The special edition vehicles will be marketed as the Solitaire and Master Class Edition.
The new app is a World War Two themed solitaire game, called Churchill Solitaire.
com)-- TimelyPick wishes to help online enthusiasts to play solitaire again without wasting their time so they introduced their own TimelyPick solitaire card games - sole online game in the market where while enjoying playing the classic solitaire games for free one is able to watch and read the most popular news on the web.
The collaboration of Sloane Lee and Gabriel Packard (two life long solitaire players), this new 188 page edition of "100 Best Solitaire Games" showcases one of the most popular ways to kill time.
Real estate organisation Solitaire Business Hubfinds a combination of globally benchmarked infrastructure and business support services.
The findings showed that the combination of the Solitaire and tPA outperformed tPA alone.
Solitaire is the story of Victoria "Tori" Spring, an angsty British teenager who believes herself to be "more blog than an actual person.
About five weeks ago an individual purchased a pair of solitaire diamonds - each weighing 1.