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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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Conrad, on the other hand, does not sequester himself in the enclosure of the telephone exchange office, in which Pearson sits solipsistically, the counterpart in science to Pater in aesthetics.
While the latter defines the field's core values solipsistically from the center, the younger private Turkish institution acts from the periphery adopting simultaneously the Western model and striving for its own specific identity.
She ends in his position, not solipsistically dictating the nightmarish conclusion of the play by magical fiat, but exhorting other characters to perform the human, all-too-human speech act of bearing witness, testifying to some truth greater than her own performative self-determination.
However, serious epistemological and philosophical doubts have been repeatedly raised (and continue to be raised) about the extent to which the public and urban places of social, economic and cultural life, rich human experience and real face-to-face interaction could be actually telemediated, digitalized, virtualized, or reconstructed within imagined, unaccountable, solipsistically self-referential or "hyper-realistic" electronic regimes (see e.
In other words, although Alexander may solipsistically believe that his own life and goals constitute the centre of the world, the headpieces force a 'zoomingout' on the part of the reader's attention, reminding them of different worlds and different sets of values than those embodied by Alexander, and which exist back home in the courts or in the forests Alexander has left behind in order to conquer the exotic locales of the East.
He solipsistically asks whether his past or present self is more real: "Is this I .
Third, and most solipsistically, references to crisis in constitutional law scholarship could be produced by a kind of professional anxiety in the legal academy.
To know who the author was and, at least to some extent, what he believed can alert us to an important dimension of all literary writing that is not solipsistically stylistic.
Conceived by Urs Fischer and Gavin Brown for Shafrazi, the whole thing solipsistically folded in on itself, doubling back in a kind of Mobius strip of logic.
Gower retreats into confession, which enables a "retreat from the present threat of Lollardy and schism into a self solipsistically concerned with love" (108).
In the volume there is a great deal of attention paid to issues of intertextuality--to Montale in Sereni and Sereni in Montale, Brecht in Fortini, Baudelaire in Caproni, film in the poetry of just about everyone, Rosselli somewhat solipsistically in her own work.
Writing is romantic, if solipsistically so, in its primary objective--that is, to go out in the world and announce, .
As previously mentioned, it has been argued that first-person perspectives are not solipsistically confined to individuals: Experience can be communicated and understood by others who also have their own first-person perspectives (Jack & Roepstorff, 2003, 2004).
And Nietzsche, similarly and solipsistically, writes an autobiography that is a reading of his own writing.
became solipsistically married to his system, itself.