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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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Due to the Visible reversibility already defended by Daly, the embodied self-reflector will not project a solipsistic world into monistic existence.
they can survive if they only preserve the solipsistic universe that
As easy to see, the prevalent solipsistic type of world-scientism --and, indeed the associated panhandling and psychologism of scientific affairs, coupled with superficial political and economic affairs--is ultimately unscientific and non-logical for not taking into account in the first place the important logico-phenomenological branch of dialectics, let alone of neutrosophy, namely a comprehensive science that attempts to throw light at logic, empiricism, psychologism, existentialism, essentialism, science, philosophy, and history, thereby transforming mere history into dialectical historicity.
You are taking a very solipsistic view, if I may say so," the voice continued.
At times painfully masochistic in the name of film-as-therapy, this undeniably solipsistic pic is intermittently rewarding for those in tune with the subject's intensity, though finding an audience beyond Euro festgoers will be a challenge.
For Bochner, the serial attitude was synonymous with a mode of subjectivity understood as solipsistic.
The purpose of reading is thus not epistemic (augmentation of knowledge), but rather it is moral and inter-subjective, as opposed to solipsistic and self-enclosed (ego-logical, as Levinas would have it).
Despite an apparent initial identification with the destructive, perverse, and solipsistic attitudes of their characters, Decadent artists dissociate themselves from those negative drives, and, by exorcizing them through the creativity of the writing process, reinstate the liberating and transformative power of aesthetic activity.
That strategy has its downsides, as Palin discovered when she posted an ill-timed and solipsistic video after the Tucson shooting.
The anti-semitisms discussed in Trials of the Diaspora are variously lethal, solipsistic, homicidal, financially exploitative, or so well-veiled in social niceties that they are hard to discern.
The wonder is that this solipsistic story is also a broadly social one, creating an evocative picture of a city that's at once strange and familiar.
Deely takes this as his point of departure because he is convinced that modern philosophy is essentially solipsistic and nominalistic.
No longer a frightening catalogue of the wages of sin, Miao's foray into human foibles is benignly solipsistic, as if the medieval "chain of being" had at last collapsed into a funny farm of technical and biological cloning.
He began the slow breathing exercises, the visualisation of solipsistic isolation, and then, the key to this form of time travel: the Mantra of Letting Go.
Surely, he was not referring to the vague, solipsistic spirituality of the secularist.