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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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Thus he had to be careful not to discredit the objectivity of his earlier empirical-scientific results by his later methodologically solipsist philosophy.
Hopefully this point is uncontroversial, for to most people genuine disbelief in the existence of other minds will be an impossibility, and certainly the history of philosophy contains no idealists who have been solipsists.
In the same novel, by mentioning his novel Mysteries he praised also Knut Hamsun, who along with August Strindberg represents the central reference for Miller of the solipsist expression of the artistic life.
In Alastor, Warren observes, Shelley stages the solipsist poet as the one who slips into a grave by following an Orientalist fantasy (and geography) of his own sufficiency, a trajectory that Shelley revises and again critiques in the antiidealist poetics of Epipsychidion, a poem where critique takes the interesting form, according to Warren, of Lucretian materialism.
In a democratic world of individual solipsists, government is the greatest solipsist of them all.
Protagoras, some passages from the Republic, and Plato's contemplative ideal seem to support the solipsist view.
The teenage brain responds to the uncomplicated pleasures of excitement just as self-indulgently wallowing in mawkishness soothes the adolescent solipsist.
There is a story in which the seedy Irish solipsist was enjoying either a fine afternoon at Lord's or a walk in a Paris park on a blazing sunny afternoon - accounts differ - with a friend.
So, why wasn't Berkeley an atheist, solipsist, and skeptic?
Andrew Huang's film, called Solipsist, is, as Gulliman says, "a piece of art", which is perhaps less surprising when you discover that the 27-year-old director
Apparently, any phenomenalist strategy to deal with the problem of others' mental states needs to be addressed from a solipsist standpoint and this seems to be an unacceptable consequence.
Donald Trump might be a solipsist par excellence, and all the other adjectives people have called him, but good times would be back and the dollar might even become strong enough to buy a bag of peanuts again.
Christian mysticism's interiority belongs to a philosophy of intentionality that is necessarily idealist, solipsist, amoral.
One a romanticising positivist, the other both a solipsist and