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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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Saunders spends most of the thirty-seven pages of this opening chapter justifying his decision to write a book about a poet whom most recent "professional readers" regard as "a morbid and misogynistic solipsist, a political opportunist, and a theological conservative" (26).
44) And in the same vein, Freeman is of the opinion that, in searching for adequate categories, Gluckman may be regarded as a cultural solipsist.
Indeed, Milton's blindness gave him an artistic and imaginative edge, an acute sensitivity that should not be confused with Samson's solipsist and narcissistic portrait of blindness.
They are condemned, however, to meet in a solipsist isolation derived from 'the death of communication', following the development of their tendencies (that is, after the 'inspired' exhaust themselves in their 'babbling', unable to grasp the ineffable, and the 'builders' are drawn into a furious craftsmanship that leads to 'the suicide of absolute intimacy').
Existence: Unless a person is a narcissistic solipsist, it is posited that there is existence out there.
Others, like the Solipsist Party (motto: "E Unus Unum"), make it clear that joining is a practical impossibility.
Solipsism is the epistemological proposition that only the self is knowable: for the solipsist, the only reality is in individual consciousness.
This realization brings Studdock full circle: in a matter of a couple of hours, he goes from a complete solipsist and despicable creature to a man who, upon realizing he has ruined his own life, has his first completely unselfish thought in years when he worries about his wife's welfare.
of Paris V-Sorbonne) and political scientist Levi (International Research Centre on Rural Cooperative Communities, Israel) asks whether it is necessary to accept a society based on the solipsist and self-interested individual, or is possible to substitute an economy based on reciprocity and interdependence.
It is the way of escape--from the cell of the self, from the solipsist nightmare, from the grubbiness of materialism, from the overwhelming fact, in every age, of sin and sorrow.
For a helpful counterbalance to the totalizing and solipsist tendencies of discourse theory on narratives about the "other," see Dupee, British Travel Writers in China, 1-24, and Dennis Porter, Haunted Journeys: Desire and Transgression in European Travel Writing (Princeton, N.
Thus, as the methodological solipsist recommends we study the cognitive processes that underlie individual minds in abstraction from external events, the notion of modularity suggests that we can also study parts of individual minds in isolation from other parts.
Therefore she negates postmodern feminism's understanding of the subjectivity as merely extensions of our histories on the one hand, and the postmodern essentialism in its multicultural and solipsist versions on the other.
Beginning with a poem entitled "Walking The Chasm," proceeding into "Ended" -- several short prose pieces reminiscent of his work in Solipsist -- and finishing with a series of mock love letters dubbed "To Ann Hitler With Love," HENRY's stark, no-nonsense style and satiric bent are on full display in this newest offering.
Jonke has never hesitated to challenge supposed objective reality, calling it almost exclusively an inner construct of our own making that we then mistake for an absolute and a universal, but he is never a solipsist, for he realizes that the basic laws of nature are fundamental limits that artists can indeed transcend, but in the aesthetic order only, not the physical one.