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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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This position is also open to the same concerns that Arnold has about Fodor's methodological solipsism, namely that this reduction to what appears directly does not necessarily make an explanation in causal terms easier.
Again, most post-modern authors of scientism, as well as the majority of so-called "scientists", do not seem to intuitively emphasize the need for the deconstruction of the ultimately illogical-pathological state of a world much plagued with hypersemiotics, hypernarration, oxymoronism, sycophancy, pseudo-objectivity, pseudo-science, pseudophilosophy, pseudo-spirituality, pseudo-artistry, solipsism, and ontic-epistemic shallowness.
In "Philosophy Raced, Philosophy Erased," Charles Mills decries the "whiteness of philosophy" and the "conceptual tokenization" of Black philosophers (54), critiquing Kwame Anthony Appiah's racial eliminativism (52-53); John Rawls' and left-Rawlsians' ostensibly race-less ideal theory (54); Philip Pettit's white solipsism (61-63); and reflecting on his own philosophical production and reception, particularly of his book The Racial Contract.
Anatomically describing her in dehumanizing terms, calling her mouth and eyes "holes" and "Aperture[s]," he still does not recognize her humanity until she reflects, or rather projects, his solipsism upon him with an "expulsion of vision" ("Tale" IV.
The aim of this essay is to respond to criticisms of O'Brien's work that consistently claim its ethnocentric solipsism reinforces American imperialism.
It fosters navel-gazing, solipsism and even hypochondria.
But Martel takes solipsism to unbridled heights in his gloriously kinetic portrayal of Norman.
The struggle to be a good human being, against the pulls of solipsism and narcissism, can be glimpsed in every page of these essays, which if nothing else offers a telling battle report from within the consciousness of one of our major novelists.
concludes that "Beckett's apophatic mood leads toward disunity, diminishment and nihilism" (119), producing an esthetic and personal solipsism and negative theism that lacks a self, meaningful language, or treatment of God in human experience.
Both Madsen and D'Agata challenge our own environmental and existential solipsism with works of art bleak and necessary.
While these contributions deal with the fundamental questions of ethics in Deleuze's work, each chapter in the book takes up a specific line of flight: the spirit of capitalism, feminist ethics and its ambivalent relation to Deleuze, his reflections on death, his discussions of Artaud and theories of extremity generally, the solipsism of thought, the particular and universal, and so on, each thus recalibrating and reformulating the very question of what it means to think and live ethically, which in the end is a question of how one might live otherwise.
Deely, in short, returns to the notion of esse intentionale as a means of (1) transcending modern solipsism and nominalism and (2) vindicating the reality of relations.
His pluses are name recognition and business credentials; his minuses are his hair and his solipsism.
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