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Synonyms for soliloquy



Synonyms for soliloquy

a (usually long) dramatic speech intended to give the illusion of unspoken reflections

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Stephen Greenblatt: "Henry IV speaks in soliloquy, but as is
The next passage that he marks at length is the soliloquy following Gerontius' death that opens section two, which gives the speaker's first impressions of the afterlife as a disembodied soul.
Targeting and serving a diverse community of small businesses in the New York area, Soliloquy creates custom tailored marketing solutions for its clients.
Then "Juliet's Soliloquy," which actually starts with Romeo (scored for two voices) speaking in the garden.
In his plays, Shakespeare employed the use of the soliloquy and, most notably, the aside to convey his characters' innermost thoughts, feelings, and motivations to the audience.
Up to now, we have seen that, rather than a dialogue, it has been more like a monologue or soliloquy," Valero said.
Morris Arnold, too, poses a conundrum in describing the soliloquy "as a milieu for disclosing inaudible thoughts.
There is a soliloquy here where Draupadi debates the pros and cons of a young girl marrying five men and finally decides to marry all of them,'' Moily says.
Continued walk was sweet repose, Peace, tranquillity, Inspired me then to compose, This soliloquy.
Soliloquy (1975) para percusion y sonidos electronicos pregrabados, en la que los materiales sonoros pregrabados provienen originalmente de los instrumentos acusticos de percusion procesados con medios electronicos.
The process of this soliloquy unhinges Esti; at the novella's end she will become the protagonist's double, and begin her own soliloquy of sexual jealousy, as she too is sucked into the morass of this most human obsession.
More than 250 third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders at Lake Alfred are benefiting from the speech-enabled Soliloquy Reading Assistant from Soliloquy Learning, based in Waltham, Mass.
This year, Orlando, Florida's Rosemont Elementary's sixty struggling readers in the third, fourth and fifth grades have dramatically increased their reading fluency level by using the Soliloquy Reading Assistant, an interactive, speech-enabled educational software program.
Remedial readers are able to increase accuracy, fluency, comprehension and confidence using a microphone headset, computer and Soliloquy Reading Assistant software by Soliloquy Learning.
But it was former Houston Ballet member Zdenek Konvalina, making his NBC debut, who gave the most poetic reading of the Nureyev-choreographed soliloquy in Act II.