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talk to oneself

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She seemed to be soliloquizing, a dreamy glare in her eyes.
Aurangzeb appears as a soliloquizing tragic hero half certain about the acts committed in the past.
Byron was a dreamboat for everyone," writes Wolfson (212), and while the ship's manifest now seemed to include depraved vampires as well as soliloquizing corsairs, it was the cargo hidden below-decks, in the fancied recesses of that noble but ruined Flying Dutchman, that continued to fascinate Byron's readers--men as well as women, enemies as well as admirers.
And, as usual in this theater, small scale enabled interaction between the thrust stage and the house: soliloquizing after a violent sexual encounter, a character asked himself "Was that rape?
His desperate self-vindication is worthy of one of Robert Browning's soliloquizing mad-men.
Somebody who says the Misseriya are Arabs does not know the history of the Sudan or is just soliloquizing.
The poem's titular mash-up of somnolence and soliloquizing deftly evokes the sleep-deprived mental state of early parenthood.
Given the paucity of lurid local color, scribblers who take the military flight--a leased Delta aircraft from Andrews Air Force Base--have been reduced to soliloquizing about Guantanamo's McDonald's and the banality of evil amid the French fries.
An internalized offshoot of social discourse, soliloquizing is not as far removed from ordinary speech situations as some would portray it.
This is exactly the type of comic book bad guy who is bound to be caught soliloquizing his own diabolical brilliance one day.
Tiffany parallels the confusion of Satan's voyage both to the endless soliloquizing attendant on the Fall and to non-progressive and circular conversations between Adam and Eve and among the fallen spirits--what she calls "fruitless intellectual travel" (146).
But when Lloyd argues that Fluellen's failure to shift to Welsh when angry and Hugh Evans's sticking to English even when soliloquizing shows that they could no longer speak Welsh, she is confusing real life with the work of the dramatist.
I, me, mine': Soliloquizing as Reflective Practice.
There is a masturbatory quality to Georges's soliloquizing self-disparagement which produces the same disgust as his compulsive self-fondling.