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talk to oneself

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Like the conversationalist embarking on a long narrative, the soliloquizer requires the other characters to "waive their access rights" in ceding the stage so that an uninterrupted speech can unfold.
He resists the traditional theatrical vulnerability of the soliloquizer, in itself a metaphorical openness to penetration; (51) he refuses to show his wounds to the populace, blocking their gaze (a visual and symbolic form of penetration); and he ignores the needs of both the metaphorical stomach (the desires of the Roman populace) and those of the literal stomach (food as fuel for the body), thereby refusing to acknowledge that the body can be affected by external, or even internal, stimuli.
Even Shakespeare's early soliloquizer, Richard III, rarely does more than take us on a tour of his museum of deliciously nasty thoughts.
But thanks to technology, we vocal soliloquizers can now move about in society without leaving a judgment of madness in our wake: Wear a microheadset, and win an automatic pass