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talk to oneself

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While in the first episode it was always clear that the speaker was referring to photos as he soliloquized about Beatriz, in this case, the theory of a concealed film projector leads to a superimposition of text and projector in the sequence: reality, then text, then art, then object.
Unlike Mill's contention that the defining characteristic of poetry lies in the "poet's utter unconsciousness of a listener" in its soliloquized delivery, Whitman's poetic address displays a hyperconsciousness of a listening subject.
One thinks of an American sculptor who similarly soliloquized while walking an overexploited landscape, and who was able to turn an emarginated tract of land--the banks of the Passaic River--into an immense and resplendent sculpture.
I am determined to prove a villain," his soliloquized announcement at the beginning of Shakespeare's play, echoes down the centuries--no hypocrisy there.
Wilson soliloquized to Rabbi Wise during their meeting of June 30: "I am a son of the manse, son of a Presbyterian clergyman, and therefore am with you completely and am proud to think that I may in some degree help you rebuild Palestine.
Separation from his homeland, banishment and grief had depressed the Mir to an extent that he soliloquized and like this expressed his hidden sorrows and for a very short span his deep wounds were healed.
Yes, yes, round the Cape of Good Hope is the shortest way to Nantucket" soliloquized Starbuck suddenly, heedless of Stubb's question.