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talk to oneself

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"To sleep, perchance to dream," a bleary-eyed Hamlet might soliloquize with a yawn, "Ay, that seems unlikely."
(55) In that sense, they continued traditions of the sorrow songs, functioning in modern times as "secular spirituals" (to appropriate James Cone's term) that allowed blues singers to soliloquize "through ritual, pattern, and form" personal life experiences in all their numerous manifestations.
The suitors' worshiping reaches frenzied heights when they soliloquize on, and all but prostrate themselves before, the sisters' respective images.
By practicing autobiography as "to soliloquize," Du Bois foregrounds narrative technique to nurture a critical imagination about the meaning of black lives in the United States.
Furthermore, Farrison states that "in act 3, scene 5, he tried to make Melinda soliloquize about sleep somewhat as Macbeth talked about it" (303-4).
'Tis gone.' The Ghost in the Text"; Edna Zwick Boris, "To Soliloquize or Not to Soliloquize--Hamlet's 'To be' Speech in Q1 and Q2/F'; Steven Urkowitz, "'I there's the point' in Context: Theatricality and Authorship"; John C.
Warrack simply will not let your attention wander when even, or especially, his least eloquent dramatis personae soliloquize under the spotlight.
Still, many people will wonder why any of this qualifiesCastro to soliloquize for so long about religion, or, more pointedly, why anyone should be interested in what he has to say about it.
While the characters take it in turns to soliloquize and dialogue about their varying views on the convenience store experience -- with Usami and Ingarashi chiming "Welcome!" and "Thank you!" with every entrance and exit -- a secondary plot emerges.
During the 365 filmed vignettes distined to compose the twenty-four-hour megawork, a vampire serenades an armchair, goths soliloquize in nature, and Joseph prostrates himself before Mary's parents.
Gilbert's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Gertrude employs Hamlet's two friends to prevent him from delivering soliloquies; when he begins "To be-or not to be," Rosencrantz quickly interrupts, "Yes--that's the question." An exasperated Hamlet finally declares, "[t]hree persons can't soliloquize at once" (68).
Swift employs what is fundamentally a trope of garrulity: a single voice is allowed to soliloquize at length.
Everyplace I went I found people in tremendous unrest lulled only by opportunities to soliloquize aloud.
And where all of these subplots in various ways invoke certain tenets of folk laughter, George's and Nell's especially emphasize those aspects which stress above all else the "the collective, growing, and continually renewed body of the people with which it had been linked in folk culture" (Bakhtin 23): even in death, Rafe can soliloquize; after a brutal beating by the actors, the mock Knight remains invincible.