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talk to oneself

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By practicing autobiography as "to soliloquize," Du Bois foregrounds narrative technique to nurture a critical imagination about the meaning of black lives in the United States.
Furthermore, Farrison states that "in act 3, scene 5, he tried to make Melinda soliloquize about sleep somewhat as Macbeth talked about it" (303-4).
The Ghost in the Text"; Edna Zwick Boris, "To Soliloquize or Not to Soliloquize--Hamlet's 'To be' Speech in Q1 and Q2/F'; Steven Urkowitz, "'I there's the point' in Context: Theatricality and Authorship"; John C.
Warrack simply will not let your attention wander when even, or especially, his least eloquent dramatis personae soliloquize under the spotlight.
Still, many people will wonder why any of this qualifiesCastro to soliloquize for so long about religion, or, more pointedly, why anyone should be interested in what he has to say about it.
While the characters take it in turns to soliloquize and dialogue about their varying views on the convenience store experience -- with Usami and Ingarashi chiming "Welcome
During the 365 filmed vignettes distined to compose the twenty-four-hour megawork, a vampire serenades an armchair, goths soliloquize in nature, and Joseph prostrates himself before Mary's parents.
An exasperated Hamlet finally declares, "[t]hree persons can't soliloquize at once" (68).
Swift employs what is fundamentally a trope of garrulity: a single voice is allowed to soliloquize at length.
Everyplace I went I found people in tremendous unrest lulled only by opportunities to soliloquize aloud.
No doubt some in the audience -- who associate "performance" with actors stamping across the boards, arms sawing the air as they dialogue and soliloquize -- wondered if they'd wandered into the wrong event.
MacDonald exploits the stylistic gap by having Constance soliloquize in blank verse using absurdly indecorous images such as "leg-shaving" (37), "coffee-stains and dust-bunnies" (69), and then by using typically twentieth-century slang like "bullshit" in a new context as a feminist battle cry in the mouth of Desdemona (38).
101-14); Edna Zwick Boris,"To Soliloquize or Not to Soliloquize--Hamlet's 'To be' Speech in Q1 and Q2/F" (pp.
The lonesome Refor, after claiming he is married, is forced to invite the others to live with him and so have his deception exposed; and Amancio makes repeated visits to his bedridden, mute father in a hospital, thus giving him the opportunity to soliloquize some more about life's injustices.
Perhaps to defend against the suspicion that Heideggerian categories are simply being read back into Shakespeare, Lukacher, in connection with the last example, suggests that it is a two-way street, remarking that Shakespeare aided Heidegger by "opening up the philosophical terrain on which Heidegger is able to soliloquize (though somewhat less famously than Hamlet); 'Dasein always understands itself in terms of its existence - in terms of a possibility of itself: to be itself or not itself.