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talk to oneself

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Indeed, the actor/character constituents comprising the soliloquist provide an essential framework for understanding the intramental components that arise from our interiorization of language.
He is a soliloquist whose repertoire ranges from scorching denunciations to the gentlest and most moving supplications.
As the physical counterpart to the soliloquist, the idea of Hamlet solus, shadow-duelling like the shadow-boxer, is irresistible).
What looked to be an extremely dull presidential campaign now has the potential to make newspaper readers spontaneously spew breakfast coffee over their entire families as they check out what the master soliloquist said the night before.
To the extent that he is left uninterrogated, Oe the soliloquist and ventriloquist will remain exactly the same soliloquist and ventriloquist.
but the il is not a creature fictive: Barthes has thus ensured that in such passages he has written a fiction whose (unnamed and unreal) soliloquist does nothing but discuss the (real) il" (124).
The strange rhetorical distortions of their letters, their tendency to echo and repeat each other, so that their prose reverberates with statements that seem to ricochet back and forth, arise from my father's and aunt's refusal to assume the full responsibilities of the soliloquist, whose duties they shirk by constantly drawing attention to their respective readers, summoning them out of the void in order to escape the pure egotism involved in such a one-sided presentation of the self.