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Synonyms for soliloquy



Synonyms for soliloquy

a (usually long) dramatic speech intended to give the illusion of unspoken reflections

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Bell asserts that soliloquies are impersonal because these are rhetorical.
evidence that soliloquies in late Renaissance drama represented
This division between personal reflection and ceremony becomes more pronounced later in the poem when the ritualism of Part I meets the soliloquies of Part II.
Different from soliloquies in that they are not self-directed speeches, asides are lines spoken by actors or characters directly to audience members--instances of "breaking the fourth wall.
In his soliloquies, Hamlet is constantly matching his own actions against the norm of others' expectations.
Hirsh divides soliloquies into three groups: audience-addressed speeches (in which a character is aware of the audience and speaks to them directly), self-addressed speeches (in which a character is unaware of the audience and speaks to herself), and interior monologue (in which words represent a character's thoughts).
Certainly, on a literal reading, traditional texts show that soliloquies were regarded as self-addressed speech, and in many cases they are feigned soliloquies, designed to be overheard for the advantage of the speaker.
Hosted by Televisa news anchor Joaquin Lopez Doriga and "Big Brother" hostess Adela Micha, show paraded noted historian Enrique Krauze and crooner Alejandro Fernandez, among others, to deliver soliloquies in honor of Mexico.
Members of Trelawnyd Male Voice Choir will join the Mikrokosmos community theatre group to stage an evening of songs and soliloquies at the White Lion, Glanrafon, between Prestatyn and Holywell.
Once convinced that I had the best positioning in my room, I settled in over the following weeks listening to music that poured out of the Soliloquies.
Hirsh devotes three chapters to soliloquies in Shakespeare, after three substantial chapters in which he collects and examines soliloquies from Aeschylus to Beckett, dividing them into various categories, and noting innovations and shifts of technique and convention as they have developed.
I felt a lot of actors, when it came to the soliloquies, because they are so famous, they tended to side-step them and rattle through them, rather than actually addressing them head-on," he continues.
In the film, the reiterations of Hamlet's soliloquies are replaced by his repeated contemplation of the image.
The history of soliloquies until the end of the seventeenth century was a history of the alternation between these two as the dominant convention.
What emerges from these fascinating studies is a giant issue: should the soliloquies be internalised, or spoken directly to the audience?