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a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire

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a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

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Table 1, Experimental and Database Liquidus And Solidus Temperatures Sample Liquidus Temperature, [degrees]C (F) Furnace 1,025 (1,877) 1,025 (1,877) Ladle 1 1,027 (1,880.
Solidus Solutions and Van Vliet Contrans will continue to optimise the process of making board out of tomato plants.
La lengua latina hace suyo ese valor de la geometria en el espacio de solidus y derivados que pervive, necesariamente, en obras de caracter tecnico.
Country: Germany, Sector: Electronics, Waste Management/EnvironmentTarget: Duales System Deutschland GmbHBuyer: Solidus Partners, DSD's managementVendor: KKR & Co LPType: MBOStatus: Agreed
310 TO offset the falling value of the denarius, Roman emperor Constantine ordered the minting of a new coin, the solidus, with one pound of solid gold to yield 72 solidi.
AN extremely rare Solidus gold coin from 9th Century Britain was recently sold at auction.
Segun Matias Dieterich, director de analisis de la corredora de valores brasilena Solidus, en Brasil los precios de los productos planos de acero, usados, por ejemplo, en las industrias de automoviles, sintieron primero el golpe de la crisis y bajaron cerca de un 40%.
The Anglo-Frisian Solidus coin, described as "extremely rare" by auctioneers Spink, was discovered by a woman in Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Realising this, my gambling-mad brother introduced me to a little gem of a book called The Solidus, which he claimed had served him well and was to become my best friend for the next three months.
Therein" is a solidus or an obolus - a seven-letter English word that includes 10 other words and requires no rearranging of its letters.
has announced the successful completion of a private equity financing led by local investment firm Solidus Company and other investors.
Aastra, a provider of enterprise communications technology, has launched Solidus eCare 6.
Last month dozens of grocers lost their biometric ID and payment solutions when Solidus Networks, Inc.
Along with its political influence, Byzantium's coins, particularly its gold solidus, spread right across Europe.