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Synonyms for solidity

the quality, condition, or degree of being thick

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

Synonyms for solidity

state of having the interior filled with matter

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the quality of being solid and reliable financially or factually or morally

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Look at the stats, bigmouth, then try and make the same comment!), through the tenacity of the midfield and the solidity of the defence to the surest goalkeeper(s) in the league.
As was the style of the time, the building's lobby was constructed to convey a sense of classicism and solidity, employing rich materials such as imported marble and gold leaf detailing.
The principal success of this building lies in the consistent quality of internal and external environments; even the subterranean car park expresses the building's solidity, right to its core.
We've all been taught that the browns of the old masters were there to model the figure, to create forms of palpable weight and volume, and that the pure hues of the Impressionists initiated the drift toward modernism by sacrificing solidity to the realization of the flat, decorative surface.
The building form is a juxtaposition of two separate masses possessing both a solidity and lightness; it never loses its identity as a residential building among the many office building giants in a neighborhood that is mainly commercial.
Inspired by the telluric, primordial geology of the famous Giant's Causeway in the north of Ireland, the three blocks that make up the hotel and apartment complex have craggy, massive facades, suggesting permanence and solidity in a rapidly changing urban environment.
Another striking characteristic of these pieces is the coexistence of their distinctive fragility and lightness (the gallery posts a pointed warming not to blow on them) with an impression of structural solidity and formative potency.
The stair is elegantly made, a light filigree of steel rod and plates that contrasts with the heavy mass concrete solidity of the vault.
An extensive iteration of Roni Horn's encyclopedic project to photograph the Thames, staged at the Art Institute of Chicago, saw the artist partner her own signature fluidity with the solidity of the modernist canon.
Small windows to the box office and the new building's lobby are seemingly carved into deep, chamfered copper-clad reveals, both to emphasize the solidity of the brick volumes and to frame the courtyard threshold.
Although Turner has rendered a phantasmagoric impression of the modern age, he has conceived its illusion of depth by way of the conventional diminishing warmth of color and solidity.
The thick wash of light green wall colour heightens the impression of suppleness paired with monumental solidity.