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Synonyms for solidity

the quality, condition, or degree of being thick

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

Synonyms for solidity

state of having the interior filled with matter

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the quality of being solid and reliable financially or factually or morally

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The team has been playing better, but it has been lacking defensive solidity.
The Argentinian said: "I think the team of late has been playing better but it has been lacking defensive solidity.
But Pochettino said: "I can't really comment on something that has no solidity to it.
Jassim Al-Khulaifi expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to HRH Premier for his noble feelings, which, he said, affirms the solidity of the Bahraini-Qatari relations.
Summary: International investment bank HSBC said that Lebanon's financial solidity remained intact despite the deepening conflict in Syria.
The concrete blocks are made in the laboratory of the construction site as concrete solidity samples for respective parts of the bridge infrastructure, explained a statement of Spanish construction company FCC, which has been building Danube Bridge 2.
Our aim is to continue providing our customers and brokers with our unique services and maintain our solidity in the market.
The agency is of the opinion that the company's solidity has been affected by the recent stock market declines and its exposure to the debt of struggling European countries.
Supply of different quality & color fabrics & cloth for the garments factories including (a) gabardine, (b) poplin, (c) woolen fabrics, (d) white gabardine fabrics, (e) high solidity filling fabrics, (f) same but of medium solidity, (g) white viscose fabrics & (h) gray viscose fabrics in 8 lots.
Leaders of the three Gulf countries had reasserted solidity of the fraternal relations binding Tunisia and the Gulf region, as well as keenness to consolidate and diversify bilateral co-operation.
We should be a rock of solidity to lead the country," he said.
They lacked invention, fitness, defensive solidity, and failed to take a couple of key chances.
Summary: Marrakech - The 11th Moroccan-Portuguese High Joint Commission testifies to the quality and solidity of the political and strategic dialogue between the two countries, says the joint statement adopted on Wednesday in Marrakech.
In an eight-minute telephone call, they both agreed that enactment of the Constitution is essential for the national solidity.
sights, walks us toward it to show the dean lines, the white solidity of