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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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Thermal analysis measures the cooling curve of the solidifying alloy.
Apelian, Metal Processing Institute/WPI, discussed the advantages of rheocasting, a process that is achieved by solidifying the required alloy to a semisolid state in a special container (steel/ ceramic).
Solidifying metal must reject the hydrogen or resultant castings will suffer from porosity.
Thicker walls will solidify more slowly, which means they will feed solidifying thinner walls.
As warmer and cooler molten metal moves (both in the bulk melt and the interdendritic spaces in the mushy zone), the flow in turn alters the temperature field in the solidifying casting.
The interplay between the solidifying material and the flow patterns during filling and feeding of the casting determine the material's response.
Directional solidification moves faster from the ends of the sections because of the greater amount of surface area through which the solidifying metal can lose its heat.
This is the result of the penetrating metal solidifying faster at lower pouring temperatures in conjunction with a more rapid heat transfer promoted by the increased contact pressures caused by higher pouring rates.