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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed and Secretary Pompeo also explored ways of solidifying ties of friendship and cooperation between the UAE and US to serve their mutual interests.
(1) The proposed mix design for solidifying municipal sewage sludge through the skeleton-building method by using the coal gangue, cement, clay, and fiber significantly reduced moisture content from initial value of higher than 100% to final value of less than 25%.
This means that during final solidification of the solder joint, a "soup" forms of molten solder and solidified particles that have a different grain structure than the last solidifying alloy elements.
Using a temperature probe, students have to determine the cheapest, least-toxic, most environmentally friendly type of salt for solidifying ice cream.
On The Prayer Of Jesus is very highly recommended for all Christians searching for an ably translated work of the late Ignatius Brianchaninov's solidifying studies and wisdom endowed reflections on Jesus and the role of prayer within the Russian Orthodox Christian tradition.
CBRE will provide a wide range of services for Textron's 39 million-square foot portfolio, solidifying CBRE's existing relationship with Textron, which began four years ago.
Some significant items such as prices for market pulp, energy, etc., are virtually impossible to solidify, If some prices are at probable cyclical highs, solidifying them is absolutely foolish.
"It keeps enough heat in the aluminum to allow it to flow into the form without solidifying prematurely, and keeps the pattern from disappearing before the metal is solid en ough to retain its shape." The x-ray machine lets the development group determine the proper insulation thickness, pour speed and heat, and can be used to troubleshoot any problems.
"The completion of Henwood's Indian Power Market Database is an exciting step forward for Henwood, further showing our commitment to the AustralAsian market and solidifying our expertise across Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, as well as around the world," said Mark Henwood, CEO and President.
Penton Media Europe managing director Andy Center said the acquisition "enables us to support our fast-growth, new economy events business and Web portals with a publishing leg, solidifying our objective of serving our markets with a fully integrated tripod of media offerings, in print, in person and online." Penton Technology Media president David Nussbaum said the deal is a continuation of Penton's strategy of expanding its European Internet/broadband media franchises.
Solidifying the commitment to this relationship, STC's flagship product e*Gate Integrator, has been installed in Andersen Consulting's global solution centers to enable both joint development and delivery of eBI solutions.
Some other universities are solidifying gay studies too.
Corporate goal: Solidifying ABN AMRO as a "universal bank."
Aluminum grains grow in a shape similar to the branches of a tree (dendrites) when solidifying. These dendrites continue to grow in a long, columnar fashion (Fig.