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Synonyms for solidify

Synonyms for solidify

to make or become physically hard

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Nearly a decade ago, Solidify pioneered X-management RTL checks in collaboration with top multi-national semi-conductor firms.
As this remaining liquid mix continues to solidify at 217[degrees]C, the solder shrinks by about 4%.
Shrinkage porosity indicates a lack of feed metal reaching the place where it is needed--the last portion of the casting to solidify.
Regions of the casting which have the lowest modulus values solidify first, and those with the highest modulus values solidify last.
However, when the mixture is cooled and starts to solidify, it separates into two components.
If an entrapped gas bubble floats to the top of the mold cavity, the gas should permeate into the molding sand before the metal can solidify around it.
Thicker walls will solidify more slowly, which means they will feed solidifying thinner walls.